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Texting broken for sprint phone number, upgraded phone but problem still persists


Texting broken for sprint phone number, upgraded phone but problem still persists

I am not able to receive text messages from anyone outside the Sprint network. From within the sprint network, texting is very slow. I live in the Detroit metro area with good 4GLTE coverage. Been dealing with this issue now since I joined Sprint almost 9 months ago.


Here's what I've done so far since I noticed it happening - 

* Update PRL

* Update Profile

* Reset network connection

* Check device settings

* Called Sprint twice. Spent time on Sprint chat twice. Got to higher level support. During each of these instances they said that they had no previous evidence that I contacted them before and said a network engineer would contact me. Nobody has.

* Recently I decided it was my android phone (I had a Moto X2, paid good money for), swapped it for a Samsung S8. Performed the PRL and Profile updates on the new phone, still the texting problem continues.


I believe the issue is within Sprint's allocation of my phone number, something isn't setup right internally at the servers.


Any suggestions? I appreciate any help you can provide. It's been Really frustrating journey so far. Honestly I am thinking of cutting my losses leaving Sprint if this continues.


Well this is a pickle amsoles. I sent you a PM so I can gather some more info. 


Small Scale Farmer 

Pulling issue and planting solutions.
If I was able to plant your solutions, please accept and/or kudos the resolution.

Appreciate your help. I'll contact you over PM!

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