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how do i sync my photon to my pc ?

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how do i sync my photon to my pc ?

how do i sync my photon to my pc ?


how do i sync my photon to my pc ?

Use the App- Phone Portal.

Connect via to your PC via USB or Wifi.

Follow the instructions.

Re: how do i sync my photon to my pc ?

Connect Through a USB Cable

1. Turn on your phone and

computer, and connect

them with a USB-to-micro

USB cable.

If your computer needs to

download drivers for your

phone, visit

If a camera connection window opens, just close it.

2. Once your computer has the correct Motorola

drivers, it opens the Phone Portal home page in

your browser. A Motorola icon appears in your

task bar, in the lower right of your computer


If you have Motorola Media Link, it may launch instead

of Phone Portal. To use Phone Portal, right-click in

your task bar, select “when device connects,” and

choose Moto Phone Portal. Disconnect and reconnect

your phone to launch Phone Portal.

If you want to connect your phone as a memory card

rather than using Phone Portal, flick down the status

bar at the top of your screen, touch USB connection,

and choose USB Mass Storage.

Motorola Media Link

Motorola Media Link lets you transfer music, podcasts,

videos, and photos between your phone and your

computer. You can also use it to back up your contacts.

  • To choose which media types to sync, check the

boxes on the left side of the Media Link window.

  • To start the sync, click Sync.
  • For more information on transferring music with

Motorola Media Link, see “Transferring Music With

Motorola Media Link” on page 100 in the userguide.

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