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off to a bad start


off to a bad start

I just started Sprint service yesterday, and I have not been able to recieve or send texts at all. When I send one to my phone from my moms phone she recieves the error message that says I don't "subscribe to sms service". I have the $100 everything blah blah blah, I called and they said there was an outage but how long do these things usually last. If this is how service usually is, I hope 2 years flies by.


off to a bad start

Does this happen in all the areas you or in a certain area. If one of the tower has an outage once you leave the coverage of that tower your text should work. If you post the zip code of were you are having problem a Sprint Employee can check what is happening in your area.

Also by the time you contract ends in 2014 the 3g network you are on will be completely upgraded to the New Network Vision. See Lastly you can check what upgrade have occur or will occur in your area at So this will not be how service usually is.


Re: off to a bad start

I got it to work after restarting my phone a few times. I haven't left my house since I activated it but it seems to be working fine. I guess my problem resolved itself, thanks for the input though

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