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text from a blocked number


text from a blocked number

I recently blocked a number (texting "block #" to 9999) because someone was sending me many useless texts every weekend.  Two days later, I get another text from this number. When I tried to reply thinking that the block didn't work, I got a message saying that I was sending the text to a number that I had blocked.

Why is the number blocked for me - I can't send a text to the number - but not that person - they can still text me and it will go through?

I want to stop receiving text messages from this person. It is getting annoying and a waste of my time and energy to constantly reply that they are sending to the wrong person (it's not spam, just some idiot who doesn't realize they are sending always to the wrong number).


Re: text from a blocked number

If the Block is in place and you continues to receive messages(#9999) then  you  may need to call Technical Support to compelte the ticket(Cannot Block Text Messaging via Short Code 9999)  to have issue resolved.

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Re: text from a blocked number

Use the website. It was so much easier. I too have tried to block numbers using the "quick" method, but it always get's screwed up.. Do it on the website. You can see what you have done after you set up the block and then you won't be left wondering if what you tried to do actually worked.

It's no mistake on your part that what you tried to do didn't work. When you put the responsibility for things you want done in someone elses hands (especially someone that doesn't care about you at all - but rather your money) things will never work out the way you want.

I'm grateful that they put it all on a webpage for me to manage myself, just to save me from the endless phone calls I encounter to mysterious customer service reps with surprisingly thick Indian accents and questionable names like Lisa-Debbie and Kathy-Mary and George-Abraham (why do they always have two first names??) when trying to fix something Sprint screws up.

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