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text messages coming on two phones


text messages coming on two phones

Today I turned on my old Samsung Rant (haven't used it in 2 years and its been factory reset) and I started getting my text messages on both my Evo and my Samsung Rant...I called Sprint, the guy had no clue why it would do that and had me do a hard reset, but both phones are still receiving texts. I want to give this phone to my nephew, how can I stop it from receiving my text messages? Thanks.

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Re: text messages coming on two phones

That is very odd that text messages are still coming to the Samsung Rant even after the hard reset.Normally when doing a hard reset, this will erase all programming information from the device unless it wasn't reset correctly. I am not too sure, but once your nephew activates that phone it should be programmed with his number and he should just be getting his text messages and not yours, since it will be programmed to his number.


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