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Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot - how to factory reset


Resetting the 3G and 4G Configurations to Default Settings

     1. Log in to the home page

     2. Click Advanced settings > Device > About

     3. Click Reset Device to Factory Defaults

     4. When prompted, enter the SPC (Service Programming Code).  If you don’t know your SPC, contact Sprint.


After a configuration reset:

• You must go through the device setup (page 20 of the userguide) and 3G activation or, if using 4G, use pay-as-you-go.

  3G activation will start automatically

• Any changes you’ve previously made to the settings are lost

Note: Reset the configurations only if instructed by a Sprint representative.  Any changes you have previously made to your settings

         will be reset to factory defaults.