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4082 direct tethering to a router


4082 direct tethering to a router

Will the Novatel 4082 be able to directly tether to a home router such as the 2200 tethers directly to a cradlepoint router?  I need a wider area of coverage in my home than the 4082 offers along with the ability to connect with my wired network other than wifi as wan type connections.


4082 direct tethering to a router

In this business I don't like to use words like always or never - because things can happen.  Having said that there is nothing to prevent it from being used that way and it is supposed to give you the same connection over cable that the old device did.  I haven't tested it but expect it to work.



Re: 4082 direct tethering to a router

I have tried bridging the LAN (wired connection from tower computer to Netgear wireless N-router) connection and my wireless connection (connected to 4082 MiFi router), but cannot seem to get the Netgear router to use the 4082 internet connection as it's own, then send it out to devices attached to it, and not the 4082. Any suggestions here? Can't seem to find anything online to help with programming...

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