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4G Certificate Update for U300


4G Certificate Update for U300

For customers who cannot connect to the 4G network due to a missing WiMax certificate on their U300 an update is now available at

Most customers do not need the update, but some devices were shipped from the manufacturer without the proper connection certificate installed. An update tool has been posted that will install the certificate and allow the device to connect to the 4G network like it should.

If you cannot connect to the 4G network, but you are not sure whether you need to update your U300, the tool will check for you so there is no harm in checking.

If you are able to connect to the 4G network the tool will do nothing for your U300, this is only for the impacted devices that shipped without the certificate.


Not to steal Halcyon's thunder...

This problem is visible when you get an authentication error whe trying to connect to 4g.  3g is not affected by this.  Even so, like he said, it couldn't hurt to have one so that when WiMax does hit your town, you're all set.


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