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$500 overusage charge for Mobile Hotspot!! I'm Shocked and disappointed!! somebody please HELP!!!


$500 overusage charge for Mobile Hotspot!! I'm Shocked and disappointed!! somebody please HELP!!!

     I woke up Sunday morning to see an extra $500 charge by Sprint for my mobile hotspot services. I was shoked!! I called custermer services and they explained that my Sprint services had change without my consent and my service was no longer unlimited. I told them i wasn't informed of this change. The representative replied that they inform me, on my second to last bill at the bottom of the bill in the second paragraph in small text. Again, I was SHOCKED!! I needed this issue resolved and Sprints costumer service sent me through different representatives; managers, supervisors, account managers and high balance teams. They sent me like a pinball around costumer service for over 6 HRS! and never resolving my issue. I asked to be refunded the money, through coversations they initially agreed to give me 30% back, I declined. Then offer 50% which i declined aswell. Going back and forth they finally agreed to refund me the whole $500 back. I agreed and they sent me over to finance. When I got to finance I finally thought all was well, but when the representative answered she had no idea what I spoke to the representatives before her. AGAIN! SHOKED! she told me she was gonna send me back to customer support to resolved this. When I was put through, the new representative had no idea what I was talking about again!!! I explained myself over 8 times and by now I was disappointed and out of energy. I NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!! I'm a full time student, working part time and it took a $289 dollar overdraft fee to pay for this $500 overcharge. I can't afford this!!!! I haven't been able to sleep with this problem on my mind and I'm asking anyone out there if they have a solution!!! THANK YOU!!! and I hope for any positive feedback!!!


$500 overusage charge for Mobile Hotspot!! I'm Shocked and disappointed!! somebody please HELP!!!

Yes, the same thing just happened to me today. Tell them that you havent't used the device for any video streaming or lengthy downloads, and simply that it's been on for periods of time exceeding 24 hours or so. When the device is active that long it apparently drifts in and out of roaming mode which is responsible for the high charges. Tell them that you had no way of knowing that this would be the case, that it wasn't ever explained to you that this would be the case, and as a valued Sprint customer, you expect to be credited this amount immediately. If they give you any friction politely but firmly insist on speaking with a supervisor. Tell the supervisor the same thing, but also say that your patience is nearing its end and you expect to have this remedied right away. Tell them that one of the reasons you decided to sign with Sprint is that you thought they were honest, helpful and upfront. I didn't have to go this far. I told them that I simply had the device running for a long time and they agreed to credit the account. Try this and see what happens. Be insistent. Good luck.

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