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598 u slow speed

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598 u slow speed

over the last few weeks my 598u air card speeds have been extremely slow and only get slightly better around 9 to 10 pm est.

my zip is 34470 in ocala, fl whether the card is connected to my cradle point ctr35 router or directly to my laptop i get the same speeds on the speed test.

now if i go to my shop about 6 miles down the road i get speeds closer to 2 to 3 mbps. is the local tower down or over loaded? any tech support would be very helpfull.

dl speed: 426 kbps (53.3kb transfer rate

ul speed: 32kbps 5kb transfer rate

latency 245 ms


598 u slow speed

It looks like this is a capacity issue - and during peak hours it would be less signal therefore less speed.  Depending on how far you are from the tower at 2600 block of NE 36th will determine you signal/speed.  There is a capacity improvement ordered and it will be in place around October and the network will be faster then.



598 u slow speed

hey  thanks for the reply. glad too see we will be getting a capicity improvement.

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