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598U Sierra Wireless Aircard - Why is my Connection So Slow???


598U Sierra Wireless Aircard - Why is my Connection So Slow???

Case in point... it took me no less than 4 minutes to load the pages necessary to get here to ask this question.

I have a Mac OS X and the 598U by Sierra Wireless Aircard. Over time it has gotten slower and slower and slower. Pages take ages to load and I can't watch streaming videos because they take too long to load. (So long YouTube & News Videos!) They just sit there and buffer, then play then stop, buffer, then play. When I attempt to watch Netflix movies online it constantly stops and buffers because it says my connection has slowed. Each weekend I publish a newsletter on I have to upload a .pdf file - not a huge one mind you. It took my friend no less than 5 minutes. She has Cable internet - but me...5 HOURS. And this is every. single. weekend.

So I called Tech support. There had to be an explanation, right? The guy who answered was great. We put our heads together and tried everything, including resetting the device. Finally, (on my suggestion) we figured maybe it was the extension cord that was the culprit so I plugged the devise straight into the USB. 4 Bars. Ok. I waited to see how it would go.

Two weeks later, same issues so I call Tech support again. This time the lady who answers didn't even try to diagnose. She just said the network is slow and that hers is too at home so it's just what it is - deal with it. Really?

(FYI, it's not only at home, it's everywhere. Used it on a trip out of town on Thanksgiving...same deal.)

So now I'm stuck in this contract with service that is too slow and 6 months on my contract. I imagine if I call to cancel they'll charge ME $160 even though the Sprint Network is sub-par and they aren't living up to what they promised in the store would be lightening fast speed; so I'm stuck.

So....What's a girl to do? Anyone else experiencing these problems? Any suggestions?

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Loading this site is slow because we're overdue for a capacity and performance upgrade.

Netflix will only work with absolute perfect conditions -- it requires 1.1MB/sec, near the peak of potential 3G speeds.

You can check your speeds at

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I have been having the same problem with my siera aircard also. It has been loading up pages very slowly in the past 3 months and I have been irritated with it and thinks that dial up will be faster than this at this point. Im not sure what the problem is but I wish that sprint can figure it out soon and get it fixed. Its a disappointment to be paying $60/momth for a servce that is no faster than dial up now.


we are having the same problem, we will not be renewing our contract!!!!!

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