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5GB wireless network cap? Where's your repsonse [...] ?


5GB wireless network cap? Where's your repsonse [...] ?

I have experienced the same problem. Funny enough in a very similar pattern: overage charges of $300, enrollment in ebill, hence no proper communication of changes, 45mins in line with customer service (overall friendly people, but rather helpless - only the third person was able to tell me about the combined 5GB cap). And eventually they waived the overage charges as I agreed to switch to the $20/mo extra 12GB plan (at that time I was at 11.5GB total).

Overall, it now makes me believe that this business decision must have been made with the intention of making extra money from those customers, who don´t periodically check the annotations on page 2 of their ebill. Really? Is that the way to sell people the more costly 12GB plan? Sprint should better reconsider this strategy. As I can clearly see from previous posts, I am not the only upset customer.

And though, I have been quite satisfied with the service Sprint has offered in the past, I now lost my trust in this company, due to the fact how this situation was handeled.


Re: 5GB wireless network cap? Where's your repsonse [...] ?

Wow - glad I found this now, never until today did I hear that 'unlimited' 4G was gone. It was the 'unlimited 4G' that got me to sign up with Sprint in the first place. "The Nation's Largest 4G Network" didn't cover my area so I've been stuck at 3G and the assoicated overages for my entire contract term (which thankfully ends in Feb.).

From day one I was lied to repeatedly by Sprint and their agents regarding the 'soon to be in my area 4G' - they kept dangling it like a carrot on a string for 18 months before a guy from Tech Support - as opposed to Customer Support (THE RUDEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH) - told me that there were no plans for 4G in my area for some time to come. (I don't live in a remote part of Michigan - I'm pretty much right between Flint, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Lansing)

They DID add 4G coverage to people in my state in Grand Rapids and one customer service rep had the gall to suggest to avoid overages I should relocate to that area.

Within a few months of purchasing my aircard, it died. Sprint had a new one out to me the next day... I was impressed. Unfortunately for me the replacement was 'refurbished' (one that someone else had sent back as junk). A couple of months later that one died as well. Again Sprint was quick to get me another aircard, but this time it cost me $35 because the 'refurbished' one only had 30 day warranty instead of the 1 year that the original one did. (Had they sent me another 'new' one, I probably wouldn't have had to replace it again so soon.) My current aircard has been acting up for months now but I won't give them another $35 for another refurbished piece of garbage.

Why is it that there is no accountablity for them when they change the contracts or outright lie to customers? A contract requires two consenting minds to agree to the terms of said contract. If I don't pay my bill I am in breach of the contract, but if they don't A.) Provide the services the contract outlines, or B.) Alter the original contract without consent either verbal or written, that's just supposed to be OK with everybody.

Thank you all for posting this here as I was seroiusly considering staying with Sprint to chase that imaginary carrot. Now that I know that even if the 'soon to be in my area 4G' ever does happen - and I really doubt that it will - I will be at the same rediculous 5G limit, I know I won't be signing up for anything from them again.

Starting in February I plan on switching to T-Mobile, who also claim 4G and I already checked and it's in my area!! Ahhhh.... can't wait to find out what bs they have in store for me.......


Re: 5GB wireless network cap? Where's your repsonse [...] ?

I had very similar issues. First card did not work.  Had to send it back and get a new one.  I was then was charged over $300 for the replacement although they received the old one shortly three days after I sent it. A couple of months later, they capped me to 5gb.  Last straw... I canceled my card and had the ETF waived since they materially changed the terms of my contract. 

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