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6/24 - Sprint SmartView Software Update - 2.61/2.62


6/24 - Sprint SmartView Software Update - 2.61/2.62

Sprint SmartView Software Update - 2.61 (Win/Mac) 2.62 (Lenovo S205)


- Intel Kilmer Peak WiFi Support – Enhanced Power Management

- Bytemobile update

- BMI 64-bit Vista SDK Support

- Bytemobile Optimization Client for Windows® Release 4.2.1

- Mutual Authentication

- IOTA Device Removal

- Current connection should be the focus in SSVUI

- ##RTN# menu indicates ESN for a Gobi 2000 module

- One Touch Activation message for Gobi 2000 indicates ESN instead of   MEID

- Device specific connection mode support

- ##PRL# Removal

- MAC 10.7 64bit Support

Important Notes:

- Sprint SmartView is the connection manager used by connection cards

  to access the Sprint Network.  Version 2.61 is for Windows and Mac

  users. Version 2.62 is for the Lenovo S205 notebook.  

- This update provides changes on the backend of the Sprint SmartView

  application and will not impact the way you connect or use your


- The update includes a download and an install step: 

  - The download will take approximately 3-4 minutes and will occur

    in the background.  You may use your device during the download.

  - The install takes approximately 4 minutes.  During the install,

    you will not be able to use your device.  Prior to the install,

    you will be reminded with a message stating 'Your device will

    be out of service while installing the download'.


Install Instructions:

1) You will be prompted with a message indicating an update is available

2) Follow the prompts to install the update


Where can I get this update?


I cannot believe that Sprint updated SmartView and still doesn't support Mac OS X Lion, now out for 1 week shy of a year! At least not on the version listed for the Sierra Wireless card. I know I can use the version for the Merlin card and it usually works, but why not just fix it?


My laptop keeps asking to install this update and I click on yes but nothing ever happens. Went to the support page and clicked on download and same thing. Thinks about it for a while then nothing.

Good job Sprint

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