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Air Rave makes signal worse???


Air Rave makes signal worse???

Ok so I have NO, ZIP, ZERO signal from Sprint inside my house.  Somebody told me that its due to the very old siding on my home that the metal is interfering with signal quality (which kinda makes sense since IF you sit on the beds (in front of huge picture windows) you actually get maybe 1-2 bars of service and that's it.  If you go outside anywhere even near the house it STILL has a crap signal.  SO Sprint sent me an air rave and it appears that NOW my signal problems are worse than ever???

Since installing the air rave:

1. I am CONSTANTLY dropping calls

2. Ppl keep calling or texting or emailing me to tell me they are getting a "sorry this phone is not accepting inbound calls" (no they aren't blocked)

3. It seems like it is forcing me to stay on the Sprint network

4. the Sprint tower has been broken here since I switched to Sprint in Apr of last year evidently???

5. It seems like BECAUSE they are forcing me to use sprint and I can't roam apparently (yes roam is on) my signal is weaker resulting in more service interruptions (which I HONESTLY didn't think was possible)

6. My phone keeps signaling VMs without ever ringing

7. emails and txt message take FOREVER if they even go through

8. both my HTC Windows Arrive phone and my son's Samsung Transform phone have seriously slowed down

9. now both phones are locking up??

I've spoke to tech support and nothing has worked.  We've (and I separately) changed my network profile, turned on my wi-fi and linked in, plugged it directly into my computer hoping the cord would increase signal strength  by acting as a secondary antenna extension, changed my network completely, allowed wi-fi, not allowed wi-fi, allowed roaming, not allowed roaming, removed batteries, shut down, turned off and left off for HOURS, and FINALLY yelled, screamed, cussed both phones and the air rave out and NOTHING seems to be working... somebody HELP!!!


Keep updating your prl. I have had the same problem and that helps.



If your Airave is operating correctly you should not be experiencing any of those issues.  You can call 800-584-3666 for technical support on the Airave.




Not that this directly helps you, but I've run into similar symptoms with all five Airvana's that I have installed.  Here's a thread with more info and other people having the same types of issues.  So far no resolution.

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