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Anyone else having data card billing issues?


Anyone else having data card billing issues?

Anyone else having issues with the data cards showing more data uses then you are actually using? I started noticing my data amount really increasing for no apparent reason this past week. I contacted Sprint and was told that my PC was downloading updates at night! The only problem with that is that I had my card unplugged so not sure how that was happening!! Was told that the billing dept would look into the issue and I was going to be given a 1 gig extra to make sure I didn't go over which I have still not seen added to my account! I downloaded Netlimiter to monitor my usage as I telecommute one day a week and it showed for 8 hours on a VPN I used 227 Mb but, Sprint was showing more! I ordered  a Virgin Mobile card and signed up for the 5gig plan and since it uses Sprint's network it's working great and the data usage showing is more in line with what I use! I don't stream movies or download a lot of music, pictures etc. Not sure if this is a technical issue or a billing issue, but I'm damn sure not paying huge overages for something I'm not using and then fight with customer service to get them removed. I am using the Virgin Mobile card for the rest of the month and have un[plugged the Sprint card. Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Been a customer for 15 years!


Update: 5 hours later, check my account and I'm still adding data even though my card has been unplugged since 04/22 at 3pm! Go to chat and am assured an extra gig has been added to my account and that the billing dept is researching the issue! Will take 3 to 5 days to research! In the meantime I'm using my VM card with no issues at all and no weird amounts of data showing on the card, VM uses the Sprint network, kind of embarrassing for Sprint in my opinion! I have been assured that I will not be charged for any extra data, at this rate by the time my new minutes start on 05/05 I will owe thousands of dollars in overages! Wow this is insane!


Here is the latest from my contact with Customer Service today....Truly scary that a company handles it's customers this way!!

Your session ID for this incident is 2680222.
04/26/2011 01:41:19PMSystem: "Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly."
04/26/2011 01:41:39PMSystem: "If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call 1-888-211-4727."
04/26/2011 01:41:59PMSystem: "If you???re a corporate business customer, you can chat with us at Simply sign in and click on Chat. If you prefer to speak with someone, please call 1-800-927-2199."
04/26/2011 01:42:19PMSystem: "To order equipment or setup a new account, please call 1-800-777-4681. Or, shop conveniently at Click the Chat icon and we???ll assist you with your purchase."
04/26/2011 01:42:39PMSystem: "For international support, please call Sprint Worldwide Customer Care at 1-888-226-7212."
04/26/2011 01:42:59PMSystem: "We???re looking forward to chatting with you."
04/26/2011 01:43:16PMSession Started with Agent (Lashonda T.)
04/26/2011 01:43:16PMSystem: "Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Lashonda T.."
04/26/2011 01:43:16PM "??i have not heard back from anyone about my data card usage! I am about to go over and have not had the card plugged in since 04/22@3pm. Was told the problem was being researched and would have an answer in 3 to 5 days! Any updates???"
04/26/2011 01:43:50PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you."
04/26/2011 01:44:02PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I am happy to assist you."
04/26/2011 01:44:29PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "Please hold a moment while I access your account."
04/26/2011 01:46:05PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I have checked the details and found that you have ******0 data to use."
04/26/2011 01:46:24PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "You have used ******0 data as of now."
04/26/2011 01:46:40PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "All the usage track by the system automatically."
04/26/2011 01:48:17PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I'm searching that information for you."
04/26/2011 01:48:34PM: "I have had my card unlugged for 4 days now it appears either someone is hacking the account or there is a glitch in billing! I have already contacted Sprint twice in the last week and was assured someone is checking into the problem. You may want to check"
the support boards as other people are having the same issue! I was told not worry about using the card that I would not be charged any overages so what's the deal?
04/26/2011 01:49:56PM "I'm paying $60 a month for the service I can't use and have just spent $130 for a Virgin Mobile car and service so I don't get slammed with your overage charges!"
04/26/2011 01:50:53PM: "I've been a Sprint customer for 15 years in fact one of your first customers and I pay $230 a month in fees, somebody give me a hand here!"
04/26/2011 01:51:26PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. Please give me a moment while I research your issue."
04/26/2011 01:52:27PM: "Please! I just checked all my prior billing when I started in September 10 with the card and have never gone over 3 Gigs so now all of sudden this is happening!"
04/26/2011 01:53:24PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I have verified your account details and the last usage made on your connection card was on April 22, 2011."
04/26/2011 01:53:41PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "There are no usage on the connection card after April 22, 2011 until today."
04/26/2011 01:54:15PM: "I'm not frustrated I'm frightened! My god I have no control over your billing and basically the system is charging me without me using! It will cheaper to cancel the service than to have to pay the overages!"
04/26/2011 01:55:06PM: "The card has not been plugged in since Friday I am using a Virgin Mobile card which is also on the Sprint network and have had no issues with it!"
04/26/2011 01:56:04PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I understand that the usage has not been made from the Sprint connection card and even though the usage is updated and being used."
04/26/2011 01:56:24PM: "Is there anyone in the entire company who can help? I mean I don't paying for services I use and have done so over the years, but this is scary!!"
04/26/2011 01:57:32PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I can see that you contacted us regarding the same and the case was created for the usage reflecting even if the card was not used."
04/26/2011 01:57:45PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I apologize that you have not been contacted yet."
04/26/2011 01:57:49PM: "Correct I am using a Virgin Mobile card!! Different company different account!"
04/26/2011 01:58:44PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "As of now your account has exceeded the limit and is well within the limit. I am creating a case on priority so that the dedicated team can look into and resolve the issue."
04/26/2011 01:58:51PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "You need not to worry about it."
04/26/2011 01:59:14PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "If there are any unauthorized usage then you will not be billed for the additional usage."
04/26/2011 01:59:25PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "Those charges will be automatically credited."
04/26/2011 01:59:31PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I appreciate your patience in this regard."
04/26/2011 02:00:06PM: "I hope not since I'm not using it! I basically can't use the service until May 5th when the new minutes start!"
04/26/2011 02:00:40PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "There is a note on your account as well to waive the additional charges up to 1 GB. However, if the usage is unauthorized then you will not be required to pay for any additional usage."
04/26/2011 02:01:02PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "Your bill cycle will end on 4th of May, 2011."
04/26/2011 02:01:29PM: "I'm afraid that at the rate this adding I'll be well over 1 gig in a couple of days...Before May 5th"
04/26/2011 02:02:10PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I have discussed with my Supervisor as well and got confirmed that any unauthorized usage which will be verified will not be required to pay by you."
04/26/2011 02:02:16PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "You need not to worry about it."
04/26/2011 02:03:18PM: "It will either be resolved or I'll pay the penalty an take my business elsewhere there is no reason for this kind of issue to be happening! Like I said I'm not worried it's frightening!"
04/26/2011 02:03:38PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "I have created a case on priority along with my notes."
04/26/2011 02:03:55PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "You are a valued customer and we would like to continue your association for the years to come."
04/26/2011 02:04:05PM: "Please spmebody just let me know what's going on here as soon as possible so I can make a decision on what I need to do! I depend on your card for my work!"
04/26/2011 02:04:46PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "You will be contacted as soon as possible to resolve this issue."
04/26/2011 02:04:54PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "We do not want to loose you as our customer."
04/26/2011 02:05:17PM: "And I would prefer to use Sprint but, I don't have time for these kind of issues! I appreciate any help you guys can provide! Thats all I have for today i guess!"
04/26/2011 02:05:21PMAgent (Lashonda T.): "We value your loyalty and we will definitely resolve this issue."
04/26/2011 02:05:35PM "Thanks!"

I was just on the phone for over an hour with 4 different people. None of the first 3 were any help what so ever. My  problem was two fold as I was trying to view my bill on the website and it was no where to be found. Each of the first three it is under My Account. Well the only thing under My Account was a message saying Sprint had re done the online store. The other issue was an overage of my plan and I have not done any thing different this month from last month and my overage was $87. It said it was like 2 gb over. There is no way that is possible. I think I am going to file a complete complaint with Sprint on this issue, as it seems that they are doing this to more people than just myself.


Most of the discussion of this issue of which I'm aware is at

There is also a forum here

which is not under the control of Sprint.

You can file a complaint with the FCC here

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