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Bad battery, bad OverDrive or other?


Bad battery, bad OverDrive or other?

I have an OverDrive that simply won't hold a charge. I once thought it was the 'Standby' mode causing the drain, but I was mistaken. Consistently, I charge the OD via the wall adapter until 'Fully Charged' shows on the display. I would then place the device in my laptop bag, powered off, and by that evening the power level was at most 75% and by the next morning it would be 25% or less, without ever turning on the device.

If I remove the battery, for 15-20 seconds, after unplugging from the charger it would hold the full charge until evening, but by morning it would be down to 50% or less. This makes me not think it's the battery, but the device draining the battery.

I have ready a number if 'powering off' issues and hoped that bug was causing my problems and that the firmware 1.07 would help, but it hasn't. Should I return this to the Sprint Store, or is this expected behavior?


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