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Can I add a phone to my AirCard Data Plan?


Can I add a phone to my AirCard Data Plan?

OK here's the deal: I currently have an unlimited monthly data plan for $59.99 using the Sierra AirCard 597E. I've been very pleased with both the Aircard and the Sprint data service (in fact I'm typing this now using the service). What I was wondering is this: can I add a bluetooth-enabled phone line to this account? I work on a military base which prohibits use of cell phones in the hand while driving...I just purchased a Motorola bluetooth adapter device for my car and would like to get a inexpensive bluetooth-enabled phone to use with the BT adapter for hands-free calling while in the car. Does Sprint allow one to add a voice line to an existing data-only plan? When I went online and tried to add a phone to my plan the only options I saw was upgrading the Aircard 597 to some other wireless data voice options were available. Assuming what I am asking is possibe what would be the cheapest option for adding a voice line? I am a very light cell phone user...I use them mainly for emergency purposes and rare calls from family members so I don't need a lot of minutes or texting options etc..

Also does Sprint allow you to activate a phone on an existing account that you purchase externally (say from Amazon)?


Re: Can I add a phone to my AirCard Data Plan?

Hello Rick,

Most Sprint customers are approved for at least two lines of service.  An additional line would be considered your second line.  A mobile broadband card is considered an individual plan, so you cannot add lines per se, but you can add another individual plan to your account.

  • If you are using the phone only occasionally or emergency use, you could start with our Sprint Basic Plan for $29.99/mo. for 200 Anytime Minutes and Unlimited Night and Weekends with Nights starting at 9PM, Nationwide Long Distance and No Roaming Charges. This plan requires a two-year agreement.
  • We also have Talk Plans.  We have 450 Anytime Minutes for $39.99/mo. with Unlimited Night and Weekends with Nights starting at 7PM, Nationwide Long Distance and No Roaming Charges.  This plan also requires a two-year agreement.

I hope this helps!  I recommend that you stop by your local Sprint Store for more information regarding adding your line.  Your can even visit and set an appointment at a store to pick a time that is good for you!


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Re: Can I add a phone to my AirCard Data Plan?

Thanks very much Luke...that $29.99 plan sounds like just waht I need so I will follow up on this next week with Sprint.

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