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Can not install or uninstall sprint smart view


Can not install or uninstall sprint smart view

I installed the sprint smart view and it worked fine a couple of months ago. I haven't used it for a while, but lately I tried to use it again, now it says "can not find toolbx.dll....but reinstall the application might help....". Then I thought it might be due to the old version 2.22.., then I tried to unistall old one, it won't let me by giving a message regarding " fullpermiss.exe", and it won't let me install the new version either, same message regarding "fullpermiss.exe". Now, I am stuck, and I can not use my blackberry as a modem to access the web.

I searched the web for these two files, not much success, and it seems that my issue is very special.

Any help?


Re: Can not install or uninstall sprint smart view

Vista ?

If so, the answer is the same.

What happens when you use the #777 connection under Dial Up Networking / Sprint ?

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