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Clear Innovation Network Support, U300 Drivers for Mac


Clear Innovation Network Support, U300 Drivers for Mac

I joined the Clear Innovation Network at the Sprint Open Developer Conference a few months back.  I received a U300 modem for use in the San Francisco Bay Area and a special version of the Sprint Smartview software for Windows.  I was told by the Sprint rep that gave me the modem that I should not use a released version of Smartview becuase it would download firmware to the modem that would prevent it from working on the Innovation Network.  I asked him about Mac support and he said that was coming and to check back.

I have been looking for any information and cannot find a thing.  There was a Sprint phone number to call for support and nobody answers.  There is a Clear phone number to call, but the people have no idea about the Innovation Network.  The Clear support rep told me just to use the Clear interface software which directly conflicts with the information from the Sprint rep that gave me the card.

I would like to use the adapter with my Mac, but I am concerned about using the released version of Smartview because of what the Sprint rep told me.  Does anyone have any information on how to get support for the Innovation Network?

Here is the link to the Clear Innovation Network:

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