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DO NOT BUY the Sprint Overdrive!


Re: DO NOT BUY the Sprint Overdrive!

OK! I have had this device now for 1 1/2 years. It has been nothing but problems. It has been replaced 4 times. Sprint told me after the third replacement that I could choose a different device. This was a lie because im on my 4th device and still no replacement. Now im getting speeds just as fast as a modem I might as well turn on my aol dialup acount and go back to 56kbps. I have allready switched to the ATT Overdrive 4G and instead of modem speeds, I get cable modem 4G speeds. It is amazing the ATT Elevate 4G by sierra Wireless is amazing. The only problem now is I can go threw 5GB in one day, where as with the Sprint Network It would take all year to even get to download 5GB.


Re: DO NOT BUY the Sprint Overdrive!

Same thing just happened to me.  I'm awaiting the resolution on the case opened by the Sprint agent. 

More importantly, I asked how we could "prevent" this from happening again.  I would be very happy to set a hard stop on 3g usage in order to avoid a $496 bill (as opposed to $69 and change) that I usually get.  "Detection and correction" does not eliminate the problem.

Does anybody know how to hard stop (or ask Sprint for a hard stop) when 3g usage hits the 5g included in plan?

Aloha and Be Well!

Alan Y.

San Francisco


Re: DO NOT BUY the Sprint Overdrive!

I can offer another reason to NOT BUY:

After 2 years of low usage (mostly reliable), I opened my bill to find $500 in overages fees.  I have worked with MANY Sprint representatives over 2 weeks, and they all insist that my device was the source of the downloads, and I owe the charges.  I have changed NOTHING about my behavior, and finally had to cancel the account since I couldn't trust the device any more - nor can I trust the company.  This has been a very, VERY disappointing outcome.

If you buy this device: check your usage EVERY DAY - you will be held accountable, and they won't update you until they have you on the line for $500!!!

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