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Does the U602 3G/4G WIMAX USB modem support the Microsoft Mobile Broadband API


Does the U602 3G/4G WIMAX USB modem support the Microsoft Mobile Broadband API

Hi All

Microsoft released a new driver model for mobile broadband devices with Windows 7 a few years ago.  This is now the recommended/correct way to support USB modems on WIndows 7 and Windows 8.  Does anyone know if this U602 device supports the Mobile Broadband API, and if so, how to configure it to use the API?

Thanks in advance



I don't have a listing of specific APIs that the different mobile broadband cards use. However, the U602 is one of the first MB cards offered by Srpint that does not require any special software to use, everything is handled automatically by the card and it is managed through a web-based interface.


Thank you for your interest and reply. 

I did navigate to the internal web site on the device at and logged in as the admin user.  I cannot see any way to switch the device to the Mobile Broadband API mode, or even if it is supported. 

Oddly, the Sprint SmartView software does not see the device, even though it connects and behaves like a LAN interface instead of a Mobile Broadband API interface. 

It seems like it pretends to be an Ethernet card instead of a Mobile Broadband API device.  I have seen another modem that has a proprietary interface, but that device also allowed switching the device to the more modern API to make it work better with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Thanks again - still hoping for someone with the technical details of the device to comment 😉

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