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ERROR 1317 When installing U600 on Win7 64Bit


ERROR 1317 When installing U600 on Win7 64Bit

I have just been on 2 chat sessions for the last 2.5 hrs, and I STILL can't find out what this FREAKIN' error message means. I just got the U600, and I'm trying to install it on Win7 64-Bit. I did  the right click to Run as Admin, but I still get the error 1317 when  it's copying files. IT NEVER INSTALLS ANYTHING!  I've tried installing from both the CD, and the  download on the website. The last chat agent told me I was going to have to call 2nd Level support, but I don't have a phone, at least not until I get this set up. He gave me some cryptic instructions that were supposed to provision the device. Here's the instructions he gave me.

Have customer type ##ATV# on the keyboard. (They will not see the ##ATV# characters as they are being keyed in.)

The Activation Wizard appears. Click Next

Enter xxxxx into Activation Code field and click Next.

Enter Phone Number (xxxxxxxxxx ) into Phone number (MDN) field.

Enter 9195595825 into MSID (IMSI_I) field.

Click Next.

Reconfirm the Phone Number (MDN) and MSID with the customer and then click Yes.

Provisioning (OMA) will begin.

Explain normal provisioning expectations. After provisioning is complete, the connection card should be ready for use by clicking Connect.


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ERROR 1317 When installing U600 on Win7 64Bit

If you go into your device manager are there any drivers under modems or network adapters. If the drivers will install you can create a manual dial up networking connection if the device shows active in our system.  Smartview may be having a problem but we can connect other ways.  You can PRIVATE MESSAGE  of call in and ask for ADVANCED TECH SUPPORT to get this resolved.

Steps to create a manual dial up networking connection****

Start>>ControlPanel>>Network and Sharing Center>>Setup a new connection or network>>Setup a dialup connection>>((See if your modem shows up here)) If it does select it and enter #777 as the phone number - leave user name and password info blank --Then hit connect-

Hope this helps,


Sprint Advanced Tech Support

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ERROR 1317 When installing U600 on Win7 64Bit

1317 Error Code is caused in one way or another by misconfigured system files in your windows registry. For more information you can check at this link   The error is caused by the operating system not the software being installed

Hope this explains the problem

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