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Franklin u301 won't install


Franklin u301 won't install

I have a u301 and a Hp 6930 Elite Book running Windows 7 32bit. I install the Sprint Connection manager 2.28.0082 and reboot the system. Once rebooted I launch the software i connect the card to the usb port. Windows detects the device but installs it as a usb hub device and the software says no device detected. Can anyone offer some assistance in getting this device to install properly?




A few things off-hand to check out on your machine regarding this issue...

Check Device Manager and see if you have:

Under "Network Adapters" a "Wimax Network Adapter"

Under "Modem" a "USB DATA MODEM"

Under "System Devices" a "Wimax Bus Driver"

If these are not there, you might find 3 devices listed under "other devices" as "data interface devices".  This generally indicates something is preventing the driver install.  Norton and McAfee are the biggest offenders for this problem.

Additionally, if one or more of the devices listed above are not found and not listed under "other devices", find the "generic usb hub" under the USB heading and uninstall it.  After it's gone, click on "actions" at the top of the device manager window and select "scan for hardware changes".  This will cause the drivers to reload.  In order for Smartview to see it, you might have to close and reopen it.

If these devices are listed in device manager...

Go into start - control panel - network and sharing center

choose "change adapter settings"

Find the "3g" and "Mobile" dial-up connections...

Do this to both connections...  

     right-click and select properties

     under the general tab - make sure the modem that has a check next to it is the USB DATA MODEM DRIVER and only this modem

     if you've made any changes, close and reopen smartview and see if it detects then

Additional considerations...

     If you're only using 3g, you can connect directly to the "Mobile" dial-up connection.  If you click on the network icon in the tray by the clock, you should be able to choose "Mobile" and connect.  Some people find this easier if smartview is giving them problems.

Let me know how it goes!



Since installing the Sprint Smart View I've only been able to conntect via the "mobile" icon.  I tried all of your suggestions, but I'm still only able to connect through the "mobile" icon.  Oh least it's working....

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