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Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card


Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card

Sprint Smartview starts and connects normally and correctly.  However, when I try to go online the browser tells me that it can’t get to the websites even though Sprint Smartview is connected.


Re: Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card

Did you get this resolved? I'm having the same problem running MAC 10.5.8


Re: Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card

I'm not sure if this is the same problem you're having, but here's what I found out:

Using the latest version of SmartView, I used 3 mobile broadband cards to troubleshoot my computer which had limited access to web sites, specifically SharePoint sites (where it was continuously prompting me for credentials for no reason).

The mobile broadband devices I used were the Compass 597 USB, the Aircard 595 PC Card, and the Ovation U720.

  • The AirCard and Ovation connected fine and accessed every website. It authenticated successfully with Sharepoint also.

  • The Compass 597 connected fine and accessed some websites. Some would say "page cannot be displayed" and Sharepoint would continuously prompt me for user name and password even though the page loads, and if I hit cancel, the page usually goes blank.

This is all using the same version of SmartView.

So instead of using SmartView, do this (you must have SmartView installed as it contains the mobile drivers and neccessary network security settings):

1. go to Start menu

2. Click Connect To

3. Select the network device that SmartView uses (Mobile, CDMA, 3G Connection, etc) and connect.

4. enjoy the internet.

This allowed me to use the Compass 597 without issue.


Re: Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card

I would like to add another possible solution:

If you have Firefox installed and websites work, but they do not work on Internet Explorer (page cannot be displayed or page not found), do this:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Tools, then Internet Options, then the Connections tab.
  3. Highlight the network device that Smartview is using (3G Connection, Mobile, CDMA, etc) and select the Settings button.
  4. Check "Automatically detect settings" and hit OK twice to get out of the options windows.

Give that a try.

Patron zes

Re: Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card

yep what he said.  install smartview but connect via your network connections <connect to> and it will go a lot smoother.


Re: Frustrating problem with 598U Broadband Card

You can try multi things depending on the issue, there is a long drawn out method and there is a quick one, let me give you the quick one. With Smartview open and your device plugged in hold down the Shift key and hit 33RPR3, if nothing happens (some computers have special functions tied to the left shift key) then hold down the right shift key and try again, if no change close and reopen Smartview, if done correctly a box comes up asking for the MSL, you can contact Sprint to get this, do not lose nor give out this code, then once you enter the correct code hit OK then a Repair Wizard comes up, save and close any other programs, hit the Repair button, at the end it will try to send an email and if you have no default client setup on the PC it will ask to setup one, just cancel that as the email isn't required, it will reboot at the end and test again. IF it still doesn't work ensure your IE isn't in Offline Mode and run the Setup Wizard in IE to be on a Broadband connection that is always on. If still no change then contact Sprint tech support and let them know what you've done so far.

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