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Help! Sprint 3G/4G Router issues!


Help! Sprint 3G/4G Router issues!

First some housekeeping.  I have an Overdrive 3G/4G router with the latest firmware(1.06)... my 4G coverage is full(all bars showing) except where i state otherwise...

Now my problem...

I'm experiencing several different problems, the most annoying is when I'm charging the device, say overnight(with it off,) and I go to turn it on the next morning, I'm unable to do so..I have to physically take the battery out and put it back it, to get it to turn on... This is repeatable, as it happens all the time.  I notice that it didn't start doing this until i did the firmware update.  If I leave the device on, and plugged in, and I'm using it, it'll just stop responding.. Windows will tell me tha tit has lost the connection.  It'll work fine until the battery dies, if I do not have it plugged in... Is this behavior normal?

Another issue I'm having, is when I'm in an area with marginal 4G coverage(one bar)  the device will keep saying "connecting to 4G" but will never connect.  I have it in "4G preferred" mode since I don't mind it going over to 3G when needed.

I don't mind putting it in 3G only mode, but that is terribly inconvinient since you have to wait for it to reboot for it to take effect.

When it starts doing the "connecting to 4G" but won't connect, it stops responding, and i have to take the baterry out to turn it off.

None of these issues started happening til i got the latest anyone else experiencing them?

Plus, if another firmware is being developed, could someone please tell them to make the boot up process faster!.


Re: Help! Sprint 3G/4G Router issues!

Hmmm....I haven't heard of this issue yet.  I have encountered issues during setup of this device where the device would not power on and a battery pull fixed it.  The unit will react differently when you have it plugged in as a opposed to when you're operating solely on battery power.  It goes into a power saving mode when idle and not plugged in.  You might try modifying the power settings when on AC power and see if it has any effect on this issue.

I personally would do a hard reset on the device if one hasn't been done already.  I've gotten in the habit of doing this whenever I upgrade router firmware.  I've seen instances where small changes are made to how a setting is stored in a router, that can cause instability.  Since the battery status indicator was one of the items modified by this firmware, it would seem a reasonable place to start.

I haven't been given any information on a release date for the next firmware batch yet.  As for this issue, I will check around and see if anyone has had any problems.

The coverage issue is something that they have been working with as well.  I've been able to obtain good results by actually changing the WiFi channel to auto, despite the claim that channels 1 & 2 would be ideal.  I can tell you this, from my own experience, WiMax signal depends greatly on the location of the unit and even the position.  Rotating the unit or relocating can be the difference between a good signal and no signal.  I'd have to see the RSSI and CNIR values to be sure, but it's possible the signal is fluxing just out of spec in that area.

If you can, PM me your RSSI & CNIR values (found on the WAN - 4G tab), as well as your Wimax MAC address and I can narrow this down.  I'll be able to tell if the server is showing the device trying to connect or not.


Re: Help! Sprint 3G/4G Router issues!

I just got the overdrive and I am having the same problem.  I'll be working and suddenly the internet connection from the overdrive is lost.  However the overdrive doesn't show that it lose it's connection.  The only way I knew what the problem was by going into my McAfee and looking at the network.  It showed the connection between my computer and the overdrive as working but that the overdrive was not connected to the internet.  Can't figure out how to correct the problem.  Help someone!!!!!!

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