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Help please with Sierra Overdrive Pro


Help please with Sierra Overdrive Pro

I can't get my new hotspot to connect to the internet. I have tried with my laptop and my Kindle Fire tablet. It may be because I am not getting any bars on the device, or because I haven't been able to get in and set it up as per the below documentation: The problem is the address given below does not work (UGH), and when I sign into my sprint account I am unable to find anyplace to change administrator settings.

To activate your device for 3G:

1.In the address bar of your Web browser, type to display the home page.

2.In the Admin Login section (in the upper left area of the home page), enter the administrator

Really frustrated, and any help would be appreciated!



Help please with Sierra Overdrive Pro

First is your device connected to Sprint? Do you know if it is actually provisioned? Your device should auto provision and connect to Sprint. You then can connect to it and access the admin page. Make sure the battery is charged and do not have it plugged in to USB. You do not have to access the admin page to activate or surf the web.

This is normal activation scenario -

  • Press power button and hold down for 2-3 seconds.
  • Sierra Overdrive Pro comes on and LCD lights up.
  • Device will automatically program/activate when powered on the first time providing that data plan subscription and ESN have been established in Sprint billing system.
  • Wait until Overdrive Pro LCD displays Connect your computer to Wi-Fi network, followed by network name (SSID) and password.
  • This may take several seconds.
  • Note:The customer will need network name (SSID) and password in order to connect to the Overdrive Pro via Wi-Fi.
    • If the Wi-Fi password needs to be viewed again, the user can quickly press the power button twice to view.

    1. Tell customer to use their normal WiFi manager on their computer to connect to the Overdrive Pro.
      • Steps may vary slightly with different WiFi managers.
    2. Locate OverdrivePro (followed by some letters and numbers within available wireless networks.
      • For example, OverdrivePro330.
    3. Select OverdrivePro (followed by some letters and numbers).
    4. Click Connect, then enter default password displayed on the Overdrive Pro LCD screen.
      • When connected, the Overdrive Pro will displayOpen any webpage to continue setup.
    5. Tell customer to open an Internet browser (if one does not open automatically).
    6. At Terms and Conditions, click I have read the terms and conditions check box, then click Save.
      • Welcome to your Overdrive Pro window is displayed.
    7. Click The Internet to start surfing.
      • Webpage will refresh to the customer's home page.
      • Activation is complete and customer can browse Internet normally.
      • Device will automatically select best connection available (3G or 4G).
        • If there is not sufficient 4G signal available, device will default to 3G.
      • Customer can later access and configure various settings (including security) by typing http://overdrivepro (followed by 3 numbers) or in their browser.
        • Password is displayed on the Overdrive Pro’s LCD screen in the center of the default screen surrounded by parenthesis

    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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