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How can I change routing metric on AirCard 250U?


How can I change routing metric on AirCard 250U?

I have Ethernet NIC and Sierra Wireless AirCard 250U on Windows 7 PC. The default routing metric is 51 for the modem and 4246 for the NIC which makes modem the preferred outbound route. I want to reverse that, i.e. AirCard should be 7000 (or any very hiigh number) and the NIC 51 (or some low number). (Essentially I want all internet traffic to go out through the Ethernet, but have modem connected).

I tried unchecking Automatic Metric in both NIC and the modem and entering the value directly, but that didn't work - as soon as the modem is connected, the network stack resets the metric. How can I make it work?



Re: How can I change routing metric on AirCard 250U?


Thank you for the post. This would require changing the 'binding order' of your network adapters. I would suggest reading about this on Microsoft's website as it not exactly something Sprint supports directly, but the initial steps to edit the binding order are as follows:

Open up your "Network and Sharing Center."

Click "Change Adapter Settings" in right-hand pane.

This should bring you to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections. You can also get there by running "ncpa.cpl".

Hit "ALT" to make the menu bar visible, and pick "Advanced" (Alt-N will bring you directly to that menu), and pick "Advanced Settings".

That will open the Advance Settings window, and you can adjust your binding order there.

Thank you,


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