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How to get more detailed data usage information for Netgear Zing?


How to get more detailed data usage information for Netgear Zing?

My family does not use cell phones all that much, but we do use a LOT of wi-fi devices.  Previously, we had a $50/mo unlimited data account with Clearwire.  We used it happily for a couple years (well, happily when we were actually in a covered area).  A couple weeks ago, our Clear Hotspot device was stolen.  We deactivated the device so no else could use it and then tried to get a replacement.  To our dismay, we learned that Clear had been bought out by Sprint, and the Clear Hotspot devices were no longer being sold.  So, we could not get a replacement.  Well, we could have searched around on eBay to find a used device and activate it on our plan, but we were leaving for a long road trip the very next morning, and we did not want to go without wi-fi in the car.  So, I reluctantly got a data-only plan with Sprint.  I got the Netgear Zing wi-fi device and the $50/mo 6GB data plan.  I figured the 6GB plan should be enough for our family.  I had checked the data usage on our Clear plan before signing up with Sprint.  Clear only showed the past three months of usage and they were ~2GB, ~3GB, and ~6GB respectively.  So, it seemed our average usage was usually under 4GB/mo with an ocassional small spike over 6GB.  So, 6GB/mo on Sprint should be enough for us.  If we needed a little extra every once in a while, I could handle the $10/GB overage charge.

We are currently in our first full-month billing period.  So far, we are only 30% through the billing month, but we have used 40% of our data for the month.  Our included data is being used a little faster than I would like, and herein lies the problem.  I went online to "My Sprint" to check our data usage.  The only info Sprint provides is how many days are left in your billing period and the total amount of data you have used for the current billing period.  That's it!  How the heck is that supposed to help me figure out how all my data is being used?  I want to see data usage by day and preferably also by hour of day.  That would allow me to better pinpoint what time of day most of the data is being used, which would let me know who is using it because certain members of our family have the Zing device at certain times of the day.  Knowing that would also help me determine what kind of "entertainment" is using up most of the data.  For example, during the work week, I have the Zing with me at work.  I use it to stream a couple talk radio programs in the morning and check email and Facebook during the rest of the workday.  In the evenings, me and my daughter tend to share the Zing device when we drive to the commuter train station to pick up my wife after work.  During this time, my daughter sometimes streams one of her Disney TV shows or I might do some posting on Facebook or web forums.  On the weekends, the Zing is often used by the entire family to stream music and TV shows when we are out and about running errands.  Having detailed data usage information would really help pinpoint what data is being used when and how best to control it to avoid overage.

I have searched through the "My Sprint" website and all the available account features.  Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that reports data usage by day/hour.  Is anyone aware of any such reporting tool?


Re: How to get more detailed data usage information for Netgear Zing?


Thanks for posting on our forums.  I’d be happy to look into this for you. There are a couple ways we can get this for you.  If you log onto your account, select the device you should see month to date usage.  There may be an option/link for you to click on that says Usage.  If you do not see that, for now, I can check your present usage for you.  To do that, I will need some information that I do not want you to post public.  Please send me a Private Message with the cell number of the device, account holder name, account security question & answer.  I will check out the usage and get back to you straight away.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team

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