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I am technologically challanged.


I am technologically challanged.

I'm trying to eliminate my Time warner cable internet bill>  Any suggestions?


Re: I am technologically challanged.

You want to know if it's feasible to drop your home internet for mobile broadband services? I'm going to assume "Yes" here, if that’s not what you’re asking then please explain your question. If it is "Yes" then go here and see if your home is within coverage, keep in mind this is outdoors you’re seeing, this does not account for indoors of any kind. It may work fine within your home or it may not. As far as price it depends on what you pick, as speed goes if only 3G is in your area then at most you'll get 3.1 mb per second if its peaked, most likely you'll be around 1mb per second, if there is a 4G service you could expect anywhere from 3mb - 6 mb per second. Will it fill your needs for internet? That’s hard to say, what are you doing, just email and reading websites? You'll be fine, if you’re playing online games you'll notice a high lat due to data burst but they will be playable, if your streaming movies or downloading torrents etc you may want to stay with cable.

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