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I can't get my u300 modem drivers to work in xp with a usb 2.0 port


I can't get my u300 modem drivers to work in xp with a usb 2.0 port

After finally getting my U300 modem to work with my laptop plugged into a usb 1.1 port I upgraded to a newer computer

which has 6 usb 2.0 ports. The only problem is that the wimax network adapter driver won't install in xp,. Once I have the  software installed, I run smartview and then I go into device manager to monitor what's going on. The screen keeps refreshing

every 5 seconds or so. It appears there is a problem with the driver or a resource issue. Has anyone

heard of this problem ? I am sure I am not the only one with this issue. I tried freeing up some devices in windows, but

it didn't help. I tried just about everything I can think of, except re-installing Windows xp. How can a fairly recent pentium 4 pc with new features on it have resource issues with this modem ? Any help would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: 3/6/10

I actually tried to get this modem to work with usb 2.0 on 4 different computers and had the same problem.

Xp detects the modem and the software seems to install correctly, but when i run Smartview that's where the problem

begins. I have Windows xp on 3 different computers, and Windows 7 on my main pc. The problem is the same. Windows pop's a message up about the driver not installing correctly. This is very frustrating. At least I can use the modem on my old pc with usb1.1 for now, but I am paying for this service and it doesn't work correctly. Please help.

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Looks like the modem was bad. Sprint sent me a replacement and everything works.

I guess having the same problem with 4 computers pretty much showed it was the modem.

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Re: I can't get my u300 modem drivers to work in xp with a usb 2.0 port

Bad modem.

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