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I have NOVATEL 2200 WIFI-EVDO - anyone need it?


I have NOVATEL 2200 WIFI-EVDO - anyone need it?

I have NOVATEL 2200 WIFI-EVDO which appears to work fine, although it’s only been used once to set it up.  Because of the limits and fear of being charged to death, I don’t want to use it.  I talked to customer service yesterday about getting out of the contract, to no avail.....  So I’ll just have to bite the bullet and fork over $200.  Does anyone know how I could go about selling this device?  I noticed that Sprint doesn’t have it listed anymore on their web site and Amazon has it listed as “currently unavailable”.  It would be nice if this item could find a home that would use it and after finding this forum, I thought I'd see what anyone thinks I should do.

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