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IP address shows me in wrong location for the last week, why?


IP address shows me in wrong location for the last week, why?

I use a 598U data card and have a 717/(PA) area code assigned to it. For the past 3 years Sprint has always assigned me IP addresses in the mid-atlantic area. For the past week, my IP address shows me in the middle of the USA, like Kansas and sometimes St Louis. Because of this, my ping times have doubled. Is this something Sprint did or is there something I need to do?

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Re: IP address shows me in wrong location for the last week, why?

Called customer service. After two transfers, got to a tech that could handle data card questions. Explained my concern and she put me on hold. She came back to tell me that of the 5 towers I could possibly be using, 2 were down. She said I was accessing the system through "Extended Roaming" using a shared tower (authorized in the PRL). My first concern was the danger of being cancelled because of excessive roaming. My account showed 770mb of data roaming even though I never left my house. And my whole part of the state is within the (orange) 3G coverage. She said to not worry since the towers were down. I asked since she is referring to the 5 towers, if I could have their addresses. That's when the Sprint customer service kicked in and...she hung up on me.

After that, I ran a traceroute and could see the first hop was on with sprint showing many hops later. It was only later in the evening after I retrograded my PRL using 60751 from the website that things got a little more normal. Then I let it update, eventually, on its own. I am back using the same PRL as before but now there is no more in the traceroute. Too bad, too!!! The Verizon connection was running over 1 meg, the Sprint rarely hits 800kps and normally is between 5-600 kps. May need to consider changing over to Verizon!!?

I hope this helps anyone that finds their ISP location (like on as being out of whack. And btw, both Smartview and Watcher both never showed me as roaming. Plus, I have roaming turned off. But the website still shows me with 770mb of roaming. I guess I have to believe the rep and not worry.

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