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Internal Application Error in Windows 7 x86


Internal Application Error in Windows 7 x86

I just received a new U300 card. I installed Smartview. There is an option in the installation dialog to include some optimization client with Smartview. In my experience, optimization programs don't. Aftyer restarting the PC, for almost any option, like going into a menu and opening the settings dialog, an error window pops up with the unhelpful message in the title of this message, 'Internal Application Error'.In addition to this problem, the card won't connect to 4G where there is service and I have had 4G before.

I called support who had me uninstall the program, download a new copy and re-install it. They had me accept all the defaults, including leaving the optimiztion client option checked. After the computer restarted, Smartview would not recognize the air card. When I clicked on any of the menu options, the program would instantly terminate. The support rep had me uninstall and reinstall and got the same results. She consulted with her supervisor who report that there was something wrong with my computer, not the program. I dismissed her conclusions as wrong and moved on to the real problem, which was not getting 4G.

Using another laptop where Smartview did install, we established the problem with 4G and she started a 'ticket' (oh boy!).

Back to the original laptop which is the one I travel with and use every day. I resolved the problem of not being able to do anything by uninstalling Smartview, deleting the leftover folders in the Program Files folders, manually deleting the registry keys and running CCleaner for any missed registry entries, and restarting. A better uninstall routine that doesn't leave so many crumbs would be a welcome improvement.

Upon reinstallation, it works like it originally did again (with the Internal Application Error message). Can anyone tell me how to fix this? It's not the computer. Everything else works without any issues.


Re: Internal Application Error in Windows 7 x86


Sorry to hear that you're having so many problems.  I have run into a few of these every once in a while.  First off, what version of Smartview are you running?  Since the program crashes everytime you click anything, we'll have to get creative.  Find the Smartview icon on the desktop and right-click it.  Select "properties" and under the "shortcut" tab click on the "Open File Location" button.  I should automatically highlight "sprintsv".  Right click on "sprintsv".  Under the "details" tab, you should see a line that says "file version".  This should be what version of Smartview you're running.

Should look similar to this...

1-9-2010 9-29-29 PM.jpg

I would also like to know if there is any other information regarding this error.  Does the error itself have a "details" or a "show details" button, or does it simply give you an "ok" button?


Re: Internal Application Error in Windows 7 x86

Even though I get the error, the program still runs. It is version 2.28.0082.0. The error message only has an 'OK' button; no details.


Re: Internal Application Error in Windows 7 x86

Disable UAC (User Access Control) under User Account settings.



Re: Internal Application Error in Windows 7 x86

The problem has to do with non-administrative rights. As an admin it works fine for me, if I login as a user with non-admin privilages I get the "Internal Application Error".

The applies to the UAC as well. If you turn of UAC then everthing is running as an admin on your Vista and Win7, unless you setup the user as a non-admin.

Sorry not sure how to fix it.


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