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Know if you are billed when your Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot is always on


Know if you are billed when your Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot is always on

This is an area that almost no one knows about. Including the majority of people that I spoke to at Sprint. My discovery of this started when I received a massive data plan invoice as I had grossly exceeded my monthly allotment of 5 GB.

I called Sprint and could not get to the root cause of the extreme usage until I went several layers into support and posed a question about my wireless printer being connecting through the Overdrive. Finally, a tech person at Sprint did acknowledge that print jobs passing through the Overdrive counted towards data usage.

My issues with this are:

1) I can't find where using this area of data transfer is explained in any literature. Nor could anyone at Sprint tell me where to find it.

2) No one can or will tell you this when you purchase the equipment and commit to the contract.

3) The data plan is marketed and sold as a fee to connect to the internet and move data through the internet not a fee to support a home network

Fortunately, Sprint did credit me the difference. Unfortunately, my wireless printer is no longer used as a wireles printer.


Know if you are billed when your Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot is always on

Did you check the usage stats on the Overdrive, and attempt to reconcile those with the data usage reported by Sprint's billing?  I have found that the OD is consistently LOWER than the usage billed.  If Sprint is telling you that it's using the Overdrive usage counts, I think whoever is telling you that is in error - if they were using such numbers, then their billings would be lowere, not higher.

Sprint is blowing smoke up your butt on this one.  You need to continue reseaarching the problem before you abandon wireless use of your printer  Further, I'm presuming that just because you're accessing the printer wirelessly through the OD, doesn't mean that that traffic is actually going out over the Internet -- and we're supposed to be billed for Internet traffic only, not all local network traffic.

Don't give up; Sprint is being very secretive on this issue, and only by being vocal and pressing for complete and accurate information will we ever be able to fully trust thier billings.


Know if you are billed when your Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot is always on


This is part of a response I gave elsewhere on these boards, but this part is quite relevant to your original question/concern....

- Scott T. Shier

I've noticed that even though Sprint says you can leave the device on and not incur charges -- I have observed this to be false!! They are always quick to claim that well you had more usage than you thought, because your computer was still communicating with the device, and also likely running or accepting Microsoft updates, etc. FALSE! It's possible, but in our case NO. We have auto-updates disabled, and we never leave our computers on. We shut them off per use, so there the Overdrive sits and the KBs keep ticking up and up overnight and during the day when nobody is home.

In Spint's Overdrive manual/user guide, page 117, near bottom, and at (here: ) Sprint states:

"The Overdrive's connection to the network goes dormant after a period of inactivity, but the connection can be re-established faster than having to reconnect. Your Overdrive may always be on, but you are only billed when data is passed across the network."

Well, that may have been their intent, but in reality the device is racking up data use even when no computers or network activity is going on in the home.

That is a MAJOR problem.

- Scott S.

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