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Lock Smartview software settings across all users


Lock Smartview software settings across all users

Here's what I got.  Using Smartview on over 300 laptops currently in the field.  When I setup Smartview under the admin account, all users get the same settings. (such as NDIS and autoconnect).  Any users that log into the machine have the same network connection setup and running.  They NEVER have to touch the Sprint Smartview software.  So, I'm now prepping an additional 200 laptops and am using the latest software (ver 2.50) downloaded from the Sprint download website.  Sets up the same however when I log on as a normal user I get the "DEFAULT" settings of NDIS not checked and autoconnect also not checked.  So the users will have to go into Smartview and setup some settings.  This is not acceptable.  These are car mounted devices and we can have over 200 different users on each machine over the period of a year. 

Question.  Is there a registry hack that will lockdown these settings?  Or is there install switch to do this same thing?  I dont want to have to train over 1100 people to adjust their Smartview settings on every machine they use in the field.  These people are not technology people and I want to keep it as simple as possible for them.  Also, I have no desire to fix all the problems they will cause because some will try to fiddle with thier settings.  Any leads, anyone?


Lock Smartview software settings across all users

This might seem like an odd post to this - but I suggest you may want to post on the forums at - It is not a Sprint site but you may get the person you are needing there and be able to remedy your issue.  Have you contacted your business consultant for them to look for an answer on the business services side?

Just a few ideas - no answers - sorry


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