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Make WiFi Default on Statrup- Dell Inspiron Mini 10...


Make WiFi Default on Statrup- Dell Inspiron Mini 10...


We have this Dell Inspiron Mini and it's great. Only issue is I want it to startup on Wifi- and for my sister to use the Sprint Mobile connection when we are not at home.

Our home has weak sprint reception- the Wi-fi is better. She can easily click on the Sprint progran to fire up the Mobile when she is on the go.

I have not found an easy way to do this.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!!!!

(Windows 7 Starter is on this device)


Make WiFi Default on Statrup- Dell Inspiron Mini 10...

Hello. After considering the way these laptops are setup, meaning the hardware is embedded so it can't be unplugged, and the Sprint SmartView version you're using is unique and unlike Sprint's version of SSV, you may have to disable the hardware which will force SSV to default to wifi in an attempt to find you a connection. In other words, for our USB devices, if they're a not plugged in, and SSV is set to launch during startup, it immediately switches to wifi checking for available connections because the mobile broadband hardware is not present. You'll then have to reverse this setting when you DO want to use the embedded Sprint device.  To see all of your connections in Windows 7, go to Start and type "View Network" in the search bar.  In the search window that pops up, select "View Network Connections". This shows you all of your possible connections. We've never seen this screen for these new Dell's, so you should see a Sprint, Mobile, Wireless or something that will be a Sprint connection. It shouldn't have a cellular staircase signal symbol as that is your wifi. Right click and choose disable. Restart the laptop.

NOTE: Of course before doing this, I would check Smartview for a preference setting. There should be a Tools - Settings feature that has all kinds of settings and preferences available. If you're having trouble with these directions, you can contact Dell for assistance. 

Dell Support: (800) 624-9896


Make WiFi Default on Statrup- Dell Inspiron Mini 10...

You can change the settings in Smartview to not have it be the default WiFi management utility (Tools > Settings > Client Tab > Uncheck "Use this as my drfault Wi-Fi management utility"). Then turn off the Smartview auto start function (Tools > Settings > Client Tab > Uncheck "Start this application on machine startup"). This will make it so Windows manages WiFi and will automatically connect when on and in range, and Smartview will not start when you turn the computer on by default. Then when you want to use the Sprint mobile broadband you just start the Smartview software and use that to connect to the 3G/4G network.

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