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Merlin Ex720 USB Error Code 38


Merlin Ex720 USB Error Code 38

My client is using a Sprint Merlin Ex720 on a Lenovo T61 laptop and running VMware

The problem (error code 38) appears when the system wakes from sleep.  This problem can also be replicated by ejecting and reseating the adapter, without rebooting.

In searching for a solution to resolving the USB Error Code 38, I found found that Microsoft simply recommends uninstalling the device drivers and rebooting.

Another user unisntalled VMware and his Merlin EX720 began working  properly.  But no fully qualified solution was posted.

Other possibilities that have been reviewed are that the Lenovo T61 Laptop has nVidia chipset and drivers. It's using the Intel Video Drivers.

Is anyone esperiencing this issue and what solutions have you tried?

E Net Arch

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