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Merlin S620


Merlin S620

Xrist its been about 3 or 4 months, my service with this data card has dropped speed to the baud rate sector, its frustraiting to say the least, i had not noticed the drop until recently when i needed to ftp files, watch videos clips assignments. its bad bad bad sprint, i am very disappointed, i originally got this data card for work reasons, i need cloud access on the road, and im not one for stopping at starbucks, or any of thise settings, iwhen i need access is on the road that is why i was willing to spend the monthly money, but now that i realize that the connection can't even keep me conversing with my skype to your tech support for help im doomed to not have internet access on the road, sure wish you would reburbish my money wasted on your service these past months, cant download, can't up load what elseis there? surf efed up websites? give me a break!!!. my merlin S620 cost me almost $300.00. tyo get this far with this post and review my account took  2.5 hrs, that truly sux 

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