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MiFi 4082 randomly failing, in a few different ways


MiFi 4082 randomly failing, in a few different ways

When I first got this a week ago, I couldn't connect to it via:  It would just continually show page not displayed.  I followed instructions on "first startup" booklet, they were pretty simple actually.

I tried restarting it around 8 times.  Eventually I powered it down, took out the battery, let it sit for 5 minutes, and turned it back on.  Then, I could finally connect, and it started working as advertised.

Later in the day, I was kicked off of the wifi.  I couldn't get back on with ANY computer in my house, or ANY iphone in my house.  It just simply wouldn't connect - although the SSID was continually showing. Again, a restart didn't fix this.  I had to take out the battery completely.

This happens basically every other day, still.  It seems random - sometimes while downloading something larger (i.e. itunes album, something from my own web server, netflix or hulu) - but also sometimes when it's just sitting there.  This is already NOT ok, obviously, and I hope it's just that my unit is defective.

The latest problem now, is that when I plug the mifi USB into a computer, it USED to show the MiFi drive, with the device drivers there.  Now, when I plug it into any computer, it just shows two "removeable disk drives" that I can't oepn.  If I try to click it, it says insert media.  So now, I can't install the drivers, and they are not available online anywhere that I can find.  What's more, I think it's more proof that this unit is messed up.

Are these common to everyone else?  Is this just a horribley designed and faulty device in general, or do other people NOT have any of these problems, and I should try to RMA this to get it replaced?

Thanks all.



As it turns out, many of the same issues reported here, but no fixes yet??


Thats odd. When I got my 4082 (to replace my second POS Overdrive), plugged in the USB and also had problems.

Tech said to NOT use the USB, that have to use sprint software (smartview ?) if want to go that route.

So I don't use the USB, since that software was even more of hassle.

The unit will lose wifi connection (not 3G) once a day, odd since I'm less than ten feet away.


You're kidding....

"Don't use USB, but we still give you a cable and tell you that you can in the manual."


What the hell is smartview and why is it NEVER mentioned ANYWHERE?   In fact, the overdrive Pro (4082) isn't even mentioned at all here:   -  no smartview, no firmware, no nothing.  nothing nothing nothing.


Think they give the USB cable so you could charge it from your computer if didn't have the charger.

You'll probably need to call support to get Smartview working, and go to a upper tech level.

There's some history of the software:

If you get it working, report back.

I just thought it lame to install anything but a driver to get USB communications working.....


Wel I just got my replacement 4082 in the mail last night.

I already had installed the software that originally came on the MiFi when you plug it in (there was once a drive that popped up called MiFi, that had some driver installs on it).  I can't get to this drive anymore, even with the new one, I'm guessing because I've already installed the driver.  I can't get to it on any other computer either though, so that pisses me off quite a bitl. 

Can somebody at sprint, for the love of god, make the drivers available online???  Literally, all they have to do is upload what is on the MiFi's (or what I at one point in my life found on the MiFi's).

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