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MiFi 5gb limit


MiFi 5gb limit

Hi All,

I finally broke down and got a MiFi to replace an older data card.  I love the concept and idea and while I have not yet travelled with the device, I think it will fit my needs well.

Has there been a lot of discussion about the 5gb plan/limit?  It seems like it gets pretty expensive if you exceed that.   I also have an iPhone and my $25 per month gives me unlimited data on it.  So $59 for only 5gb seems pricey for a relatively small amount of data.

I notice that the Verizon version seems to be the same limit.   I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here but it sure seems like this device should be something like:

$25 per month for 5g limit

$50 per month for a 10g limit

and perhaps

$75 per month for unlimited

Plus the $0.05 seems high... With the size of things today if you are over your plan 5g then your bill gets expensive fast.

Other than those gripes I love the little device.  I'll just have to carefully monitor how much data I use.


It is not hte MiFi itself that has a data limit, it is the plan you are on. Older mobile broadband plans were unlimited, the new ones have a 5GB cap. Double check what it says in your bill, it will either state Unlimited or 5GB on your usage page depending on the plan you have.


$25 a month unlimited iPhone data is slow data, if you want it fast but speed isn't important than convert the iPhone into a proxy and it has done by  dozens of mods.

Verizon is great when you want fine print that is still deceptive, they're still smarting over the larcenous way they forced their 8830 users into their paid GPS Telenav since they had RIMM lock their  8830's freestanding GPS and no other options.  The problem was their window signage and even the box labeled claimed "Free GPS"  and "GPS Included" when you count another $10 mandatory as free or included. (that entire debacle was probably responsible for a few resurgences of MML spikes) when ex iPhone owners chose Blackberry but just chose the wrong dead zone for it and finally learned the GPS restriciton was Verizons and Sprint 8830's found their way just fine and for free.

But if you don't like bandwidth caps, you'll love Verizons usage agreements since they explicity state their broadband network isn't to be used for video games or streamng audio / video and reserves the right to cancel. It seems unlikely they've performed massive searches of logs  to identify these infidels, but the web is littered with stories from varying posters and for a varying period lending some veracity to the claim Verizon broadband users have had their contract canceled and incurring fees of some sort after being forced to cuss out the 20th Verizon genius and tired of being asked for their mothers maiden and story just to be transferred.

Those 5GB limits are starter plans just like a first 2 bedroom house, they're designed as price point since every statistic indicates users who keep their wwan after the 30 day trial, then discover things they can replace with cellular broadband, if they're attentive they'll reazlize soon enough they're nearing the cap and choose to diet or buy the "unlimited all you can ear membership"

Unsurprising about how a subscriber who oveshoots their AnyGB limit and angrily calls customer service can have those overages reversed for at least the first bill cycle it occurred and motivated to upgrade to the full plan. There are some situations a workgroup BB device or any metered subscription are best such as using it for prime / failover (backup connecitivtity) with embedded controllers or low res data such as SNMP traps and log captures. Many of the building control systsms used to regulate A/C the escalators and elevators until the emergency brakes take over are remotely accessible as a modem and vt-100 terminal.  Since the major manufacturers such as Johnson Controls,  Hanover, or Honeywell roll their own code, the challenges become evident plus helping rotating shifts of HVac supervisors and building super's using a 20 year old VT100 screen is an act worthy of its own Nobel Peace Prize. Since remote bandwidth is really available for these units, they now offer real security since too many older systems won't require a super to carry lists of passwords to melt in their billfods and enables a GUI screen anyone can appreciate and remove the worry about just which escalator are they shutting down when they used the old confusing systems.

Verizon whether by policy or malice can ravage your wallet with ferocity that even makes Lyceuns pause to admire.



I know it's the plan and not the device.  But thanks for the clarification.  When I purchased I didn't see any other plan offered and when I log into my sprint I see no other plan to upgrade to.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I know the iPhone data is slow but it is unlimited (well as unlimited as AT&T wants to allow)...  By that I mean that I can and have downloaded some huge work files over AT&T network to my phone... One was close to 1gb.  Took forever but it got there.

I like the MiFi approach because when traveling I want to put it near a window then roam to a comfortable chair in my hotel.  Also if my son travels with me he can use it for his laptop... There are many reasons this device is cool for my needs and far exceeds the desire to tether my iPhone to my laptop.

But as I mentioned to halcyoncmdr above I don't see any other plan?  I just checked again... I don't see an unlimited plan I could even upgrade to.  Not that I know yet whether I will want it or need it.

My email was just a minor complaint about the pricing structure and what appears to me to be the lack of an unlimited plan.  Maybe I have to call in or something and sprint reps will offer it to me.   It must exist because I've read several reviews of people that purchased these MiFi devices that live in very rural areas and they are using it as their primary internet for the house.   They must have a >5gb plan either that or they check email once a week and they are done.  That could be too.

I am a software engineer by trade and over the last 5 years the internet has become probably the most important tool I have.  My ability to instantly reply to a customer question, issue updates/fixes while sitting in a condo in SteamBoat Springs, CO while skiing for the weekend is invaluable.  This device looks like the perfect solution (except maybe for international travel... which luckily I'm not doing that much of). 

I'll just have to monitor my usage and see how close I get to the 5gb cap.  But I still don't like the nickel a meg overage... I know its kinda standard and maybe its designed for the guy that is streaming audio/video to hit him hard when he first zips over the limit.  But for me this device is a link to email, a few program uploads/downloads (average size is 5mb).  

I'll just have to see how close I get.   Since I can't find it on the web if the 5gb plan is $60 per month... what does the unlimited plan cost?


I just checked...  I contacted sprint... 4G is not offered in my area and does not yet appear to be offered in many of the cities I travel to.   There is NO other "unlimited" plan.

This to me is a stupid move on Sprint's part.   The device is a great tool for users like myself.  However it just got relegated to more of a simple check email/minor upload/download device.   I probably could have talked my company into the unlimited plan.  But no such plan exists.

Like I mentioned above I'll just have to feel it out and see how much of 5g I use.   The other sad thing is I only have 30 days to try this device before I have to return it...  I guess even with the 5g cap it is still probably way better than my verizon data card which has been a little flakey at times...

I was going to do the MiFi through verizon but frankly many of the reasons you brought up talked me out of it also the price to "upgrade" to this device on Verizon was MORE than buying and setting up a new account over here at Sprint.

Well enough griping... Sprint must have their reasons for not having an unlimited plan or at least maybe multiple tiers of this same plan.  I mean I might be interested in a 10g or 20g plan for more per month...

Ah well...


I strongly agree that a 5GB limit on data is assuming people are using the internet like it is 1996. It is very annoying when I hear Sprint employees tell me that 5GB is equal to a bazillion txt emails - then when I ask how many hours of video conf can I get - they become silent very quickly. It seems carriers are becoming complacent in the fact that they all are clinging to the 5GB limit - therefore not giving consumers any choice in going with a better service plan. I am not saying there is collusion - just it is very interesting that somehow they all decided 5GB would be a limit.

When I first signed up with Sprint's data plan - unlimited truly meant unlimited and my broadband card was my primary mode of accessing the net. Then they imposed the 5GB limit and I no longer use the card (except on rare occasions) because I am afraid of overage charges and I can not work throughout the day constantly thinking there is a meter running on every link I click on. I can not work that way - it is going to be 2010 soon for goodness sake!

Depending on the kinds of emails I might receive with large attachments, it would not be inconceivable I end up paying $1 an email. Furthermore, if I get typical Microsoft Windows updates, that alone can eat up a big chunk of allowable data in the background with you even knowing it. Just this past month I was getting downloads from Windows updates in the range of a few hundred MBs - all counting against my 5GB limit.

Mobile broadband is great and devices like the MiFi is awesome. It is too bad there isn't a plan that allows customers to make use of the device in a truly modern world. You basically have a 2009 device with a 1999 internet plan. This is like owning a Ferrari with nothing but dirt roads around you.


I totally agree for the price is should be unlimited 5G is nothing but this is the way the cell companies rip off their customers bc they know you will go over and they can make more $$


After reading this I found out on my bill (I have 3 broadband cards) that my 2 most recent are 5g and my oldest is unlimited. I thought they all were unlimited, no one at sprint told me the new ones were 5g and anything above was additional.


yeah i think sprint is trying to make money the wrong way, putting a cap knowing its too little, email lol todays money is in Teens and young adults,

Im a Wayne state university student and we dont have 4g in detroit, and ill tell u, if the mifi was unlimited, i know 347 people who would get it, but most are either gonna wait for 4g or just ingnore sprint, some consider the EVO but dont like the price for it all. so sprint is hindering itself, good job.

also i guess i was lied to when i started my account and the woman selling me the device said :After 3 months of payment your 5g limit will be removed*.

nice like guys thats the reason i got the stupid thing, im a game developer, i use it for online play and beta testing, u guys lied and screwed me over, not to mention it sucks its self, how is my xbox wireless, the mifi is wireless, and there right on top of each other and i get only 2 bars and i lag???

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if you signed up for unlimited back in the day like i did then your plan should still be unlimited the only way they change it is if you get a new device that is 3 and 4 g compatible . yes the 4g would be nice to have when i travel but not having 4g in my area i  bought the new mifi wirless card that up to five computers can connect to at once but i made sure it was only 3g compatible therefore keeping sprint from being able to change my plan. the problem is they have a glitch in their system that sends me like 3 or 4 emails within hours of one another saying om over my limit and i should call or email them if i didnt ok this change to my account. its very annoying and also scares the crap out of me everytime. LOL help


Well I found out the hard way that 5  gig is not enough esp.for things like farmville so when my contract is up. back to hughes sat. and my router

I know you can check usage in your acct. page but they should send an e mail saying hey your getting close to having to pay charges or something like if ya keep going at this pace you are going to hit your limit. at least give you a choice instead of being greedy b--terds.


I have unlimited 3G with my MiFi card...  I had an older 3G unlimited plan that is 59.99 a month with a 3G USB aircard.  Since getting an Ipad with WiFi but without 3G thru AT&T I decided the only way to get the 3G without having to switch to AT&T for it was to get a MIFI card, and since Sprint no longer sells them I bought one online on Ebay.  I paid like $36 bucks for it.  I called Sprint and switched my old aircard for the MiFi card without having to upgrade to a new plan.  You do have to have the existing 3g unlimited plan to do this since they no longer sell the MFi card at Sprint, only the newer 3G/4G Overdrive at the 4G unlimited /3G with a 5GB cap - rate plan.  This sucks since they don't even have 4G in all of thier markets yet.  So I will keep this until they have 4G in all their markets - probably 2 more years.  I use mine all the time for work and travel.  seems to work well except for the GPS doesn't always figure out where I am, I think it uses the network IP to figure it out when it can't obtain a satellite fix.

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