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Missing PTDCBus.sys Pantech PX-500


Missing PTDCBus.sys Pantech PX-500

First, let me state I don't have the original installation CD for my card.  I work in a IT company and people are always running off with CDs. :-(  Therefore, I'm trying to install from downloads I found at Sprint.  I don't dare install/download software from 'other' sites claiming to have the solution.

Nuf said, on to the issue:

I have  Sprint Mogile Broadband Card PX-500 by Pantech.  I downloaded and installed the Pantech Connection Manager for Windows from (version 3.02.036) and I'm running Windows XP SP2.  When installing, I don't have the card inserted and installation completes successfuly.

When I insert the card, Windows detects the device and starts installing the necessary drivers.  Unfortunately, when it gets to the "Pantech PC Componsite Device (UDP)" it is asking for the missing file PTDCBus.sys.  I cannot locate this file anywhere on my drive.

Q:  Where can I safely download this file or drivers for the Pantech PX-500?


Re: Missing PTDCBus.sys Pantech PX-500

Since Sprint support sucks (as usual,) I'll be happy to help with your problem..

The driver should already be on your system.  If you search for PTDCBus.sys you will find that it is located in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.

When setup asks for the CD, click OK and then browse to the location above.

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