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Moved and now no coverage


Moved and now no coverage

We used to live in the Elk City, Oklahoma in town and I had excellent service. We recently moved back to the area but are now living about 5 miles outside of town. I checked the Sprint coverage map and it says I should have fair service on my broadband card but almost the entire house is a dead zone. The "sun room" has some coverage(I even went outside and it's the same), it will say EVDO REV A with maybe 1 bar for about 5 to 10 minutes and then it goes to 1XRTT with no bars and then I'm dropped. I don't want to pay $50 a month for what is basically no service and I hate to cancel when we are only going to be there for around 6 months. Is there any trick that can help get better service? I contacted Sprint and they said they were fixing a tower in the area and should by now be fixed but the service has not improved. I miss having service. Any suggestions?



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