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My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate


My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate

Customer service tells me that my account cycle date is midnight on the 17th of the month. This is when I get a new set of 5GB data to use for internet access with my Mifi device. However, when I log into my account on the morning of the 18th, there can be as much as 700 MB usage already posted. That's more than 10% of my $60 bucks worth of data already stolen from me. Since we already know that all Mifi usage is NOT dynamic - as a matter of fact it is only updated once a day at midnight. We then know that the 18th is the one day of the month where the only correct answer for Current Usage is 0kb used. When I originally noticed this problem, I reported it to the Sprint Billing group. I had several days of discussion back and forth and the only thing they would say is... "If its a problem on your BILL at the cycle date, let us know." This answe is no help at all since they just put the responsibility on me to make sure I don't go over on my usage - even though I have less usage available in the month than I paid for.

Since then, I have tracked this issue for 3 monthly billing cycles. The behavior is exactly the same. All data usage I incure during the 17th of the month is applied to my NEXT MONTHS USAGE. I may have used 4.5 GB up until the 17th of October and then use the remaining 1/2GB on the 17th of October and the 1/2 GB will be applied to my November bill instead of the October usage.

This is totally incorrect and wrong. Sprint is stealing from me - and everyone else that has a MiFi - Maybe everyone that has a data plan. This could easily be a class action suit.

The only way to get around this issue would be to refrain from using your device or data plan on your specific cutover day.

The logic for the website and billing must be changed IMMEDIATELY to prevent continued theft from Sprint customers.


Rick Stanaitis


My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate

Hi Rick,

Did you ever get this resolved? Did you learn anything else since December? We are not the only ones with this issue(s), and I've had significant, suspect, usage assessed to my account as well. The Overdrive device tells me it has a LIFETIME usage of 9.74 GB, and yet Sprint's BILLED lifetime usage (plan+overages) is claiming 37.74038 GB -- since Sept. 2010. Wow what a discreancy.

Also, Sprint's "My Account" page failed to update from April 4th - 11th, and so that whole time we thought we were under, and then between the 11th-14th it updated near to 4 GB of usage, even though we hadn't used it in days. It was completely shut off for a week and My Sprint was still adding usage to it!!!

- Scott Shier


My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate

ShierFamilyNetwork If your device has had a firmware update and/or a hard reset the data numbers can be different. I do apologize for the random usage reporting you are seeing and as a consumer I have dealt with this on data and minutes over the last 15 years and it frustrates me when it occurs.

Usage reporting can be misleading but it is not a conspiracy theory rather just a result of the millions of transactions that are processed by each tower in the network. The number of transactions from one connection when you count the verification through multiple switches and the translation of the data is enormous. As the networks get more transactions and data this aspect of the business also grows and unfortunately there are delays. Below are a few links – some are free some are programs you purchase. To be absolutely accurate on your data usage and to eliminate the guesswork, delays, confusion, frustrations and uncertainty you may want to try one of these. The only one I have used is duMeter and I like it.

Food for thought – If you buy a $9.95 program you can prevent all anxiety and frustration.


Re: My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate

It may not be a conspiracy but for Sprint to allow this problem to haunt their customers for (at least) the last 18 months is completely irresponsible.

The problem with incorrect usage reporting on the Mifi and Overdrive devices are a HUGE deal. This may not have been an issue during the days of unlimited usage plans but in these days of BIG FINES for overage, its critical. Software (free or not) is no answer at all. The devices are built to be a mobile hotspot, a shared network connection. Software is only a solution for ONE computer. Anyone that uses their network device as it is intended would need to tabulate all usage from all devices that attach to their mobile hotspot. Not only is this a major inconvenience, it is impossible if any of the connected hardware is a non-computer such as a Wii, Xbox or Sony Blu-ray (NetFlix ready device) player.

The only appropriate solution is to fix the firmware problems with the Sprint device which is acting as the hub or point of demarcation for the data being used. It is unacceptable to allow these devices to deviate even 10% from reality. My Mifi usually deviates on the low side by reporting 1 gigabyte for every 4 gigabytes used. On my Mifi, the session information (main page usage) is accurate but as soon as you turn it off, usage info is lost. It has nothing to do with firmware updates causing loss of data - the device just isn't retaining usage data from session to session. If it can't be resolved by a firmware upgrade, recall the devices and provide a device that works.

Beyond that, Sprint can blame the REAL problem on too much information to track correct usage for our billing statement but even that has a simple solution - rollover data! Use some kind of usage averaging over a 3 or 6 month period. As a consumer, I could accept that I may have overused data in January and tighten my own usage in February. That way, I have a chance of preventing overage and not get fined by Sprint for a usage spike once in a while.

Sprint - either fix the root cause of the problem or supply us with an alternative we CUSTOMERS can live with - or we won't be customers forever. I hear Verizon has all the bugs worked out of their data plans!

Rick Stanaitis


My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate

Dear Scott Shier,

I have done many, many tests since getting my Mifi with a 5GB plan in August 2009. The test results are documented in notes and screen shots. Actual usage can be delayed as much as 5 days before it appears on My Sprint. This means your data usage from as many as 5 days before the end of your billing cycle can roll into the new cycle. Trying to use any remaining data near the end of your billing cycle can REALLY backfire on you. Its best to focus usage at the beginning of the cycle and slow down near the last 5 days.

Recently, I had an overage of almost $90.00 but provided Sprint Customer Service proof that the actual usage was 2 days before my billing cycle ended. They reversed the charge and sent my info to Sprint Tech Support. Support says they have identified the problem. I was very optimistic until the recent post to this thread. It seems to make excuses rather than offer solutions.

Note to all - I see a lot of views but few additions. You must be logged in to add or reply to this thread.



Re: My Mifi device posts usage when it should have a clean slate

The issue of phantom usage has also been discussed a few other places, including here:

and here

Those who no longer have Sprint accounts can still post to the latter, and its threads cannot be censored or locked by Sprint.

Note that when one former Sprint user switched to Verizon, his reported usage dropped to 46 MB per day

Bear that in mind when Sprint reps give you condescending replies and dismiss arguments as “conspiracy” theories.

As to the “food for thought” from Sprint rep OKIESTRO above, note that a user tried Netlimiter

It did not stop the phantom usages charges.

Also note that AT&T is presently being sued for similar wrongful billing

It is hardly unthinkable that Sprint would have got itself involved in the same sort of practice.

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