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Need Help with Internet Device


Need Help with Internet Device

Alright, so I use a Sierra Wireless U598 internet card for my internet. When I first got it, everything was fine. A few months later, it started to disconnect. I wasn't really worried, because it didn't happen that much. It started happening more frequently, and got annoying. We decided to get another Sierra Wireless (same model, just new), and it did the same thing. Finally, it just stopped working. We got it working again by using the cord extension that came with the device. However, it's just gotten worse. Now if I even touch the device, it disconnects. It's disconnecting like every 5 minutes. When it disconnects, it can take anywhere from 1-30 minutes to get it working again. We called customer support, and they didn't know what was wrong. They tried to restart the Sprint towers, but that did nothing. Sometimes when I try to connect, it gives me a "Error PHP 651", or something like that. I read what it said about it, and it just said take the device out and put it back in, or reboot your computer. Well obviously, that hasn't worked.

So I'm wondering. What's up with my internet?


Re: Need Help with Internet Device

Here is question previously posted and some suggestions-

What operating system are you using   -

What is the version of Sprint SmartView Help>>About SprintSmartview>>Version

If you go into device manager do you have any errors

This really is something to call in and ask for Advanced Tech Support.  We can usually get this fixed in 10-15 minutes and you will be on your way.

Also - it is always better to use a USB port on the left hand side of your laptop for connecting as this side is usually a board usb opposed to a hub usb.

Hope this helps - If not I hope I get to speak with you soon!


Larry Marburger

Sprint Tech     Oklahoma City

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