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Need help with a new U301 and a dell laptop


Need help with a new U301 and a dell laptop

I need help and Dell has not been helpful (big suprize).  I have a Dell 1440 laptop with Windows 7 and I can't get the new U301 card to work.  If i install it on my IBM laptop it works so I know that the card works.  I think it is a Dell issue and something in the registry.

I run wireless at home and with the Dell it connects fine but when I install the U301 software it does not see the U301 and it shows that it is connected to my wireless network but I can't get on line.

Please help me out,

Thanks in advance,



Re: Need help with a new U301 and a dell laptop

I have an Asus netboot with Windows 7.  First telesales sold me a U300, a Sprint store told me it would not work on Windows 7 and exchanged it for a U301.  The U301 connected to 3G with no problem, but everytime I tried to connect to 4G, it would search and then turn-off the 4G radio.  To make a long story short, after many hours on the phone and in the Sprint store, I returned it and bought the Overdrive hotspot.  No connections to deal with except WiFi.  It works great and I have no prolbems now.  Good luck, but the Overdrive is a good alternative is you can't get yours working.

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