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Netbook and Overdrive Pro Issue


Netbook and Overdrive Pro Issue

I have the Overdrive Pro and the following are connected:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Netbook
  • X-Box
  • Wii

All of them connect to the Overdrive Pro and work like a charm except for my netbook.

I first tried to connect to the Overdrive Pro to my netbook while out of town. I called Sprint and after being on hold for ever and talking to about 4 diffrent people, I didn't not get any help. They said it was because my desktop was the main device and I had to switch it over to my netbook.

I came back home and triend to connect my netbook to the internet and it still won't work.

According to the Overdrive Pro screen on the box itself, the Main Overdrive Pro homepage (using my desktop) and my netbook, my netbook is connected to the internet. However when I try to go to any web pages including the Overdrive Pro homepage the internet does not work and will not let me connect to anything. I have tried using Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Any troubleshooting ideas or suggestions?


Netbook and Overdrive Pro Issue

Here you go for starters --

Disable the Network Firewalls

  • Have the customer disconnect the hotspot.
  • For Windows 7

o   Start, Control Panel, make sure customer changes to “small icons”, click Action Center. Click the arrow next to security and look for Network Firewall. It will display which application is running the firewall. If the firewall is Windows Firewall, you can disable it by going back to the Control Panel and clicking the Windows Firewall icon. Click turn of or on Windows Firewall to disable it. If the customer is running a 3rd party firewall, such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee Internet Security, Google search the steps to disable the firewall. Go back to the Control Panel and click Action Center and check to make sure no firewall is now detected.

  • Reconnect to the hotspot and attempt to open the internet browser. If your still getting page cannot be displayed, continue.

Your customer should still be able to access the admin page even if their getting page cannot be displayed. (Overdrive and Mi-Fi Only).

You can attempt to disconnect and re-connect the device is network.


  • Access the Admin page, type “Overdrive or” in the web browser.
  • Have the customer click the man to sign in as admin. Once you’re in, click the “disconnect” under the picture of the Overdrive. After about 30 seconds, click “connect” again.
  • Have the customer attempt to access the web. If you’re still getting page cannot be displayed, continue troubleshooting.

Ping Test

  • Re-connect to the hotspot and check to see if the customer is able to ping. “ ping (spacebar) “… you’re looking for packets sent – 4, packets received – 4 packets loss, 0.

§  If Ping Results are: “Reply from ……..Packets: Sent=4, Received=4 Lost=0.” If this is achieved, the issue is with the PC. If customer receives any other values for the packets. Ask the customer if they have another Wi-Fi enabled device such as another computer, iPod and phone with Wi-Fi. See they are able to connect, if so, the issue is with the PC, refer to PC manufacture for support. If they don’t have another Wi-Fi enabled device, we could send a service repair location to test on Wi-Fi enabled device in the store.

§  If Ping Results are:  “ Ping Could Not Find Host”  This be that the device is not fully provisioned. Disconnect the hotspot, and turn it off. Remove the “HOTSPOT” soc and add it back, and then try to add it back. Attempt to ping again.

§  If Ping Results are: Reply from ……..Packets: Send =4, Received= 3, Lost= 1” Check to see if the customer has any additional firewalls turned on. To view which firewall are running, have the customer go to: Start, Control Panel, and Security Center. Under firewall, it will tell which application is running the firewall. Check to make sure the customer does not have another other firewalls tuned. Attempt to ping again.

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