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Netgear 771S Zing Mobile hotspot wifi range adjustment is missing


Netgear 771S Zing Mobile hotspot wifi range adjustment is missing

I picked up a Zing mobile hotspot last Monday. I've spent hours on the phone with Sprint tech support (who are very nice, but have very little information on this device besides the same 203 page manual that I have) and going back into the store to get the device replaced because I cannot walk 20 feet away from it without losing my wifi signal. everywhere I read and everyone I talk to says I should be able to get as much as 375 feet away and still have wifi connectivity. I was told by tech support, and also read on page 123 of the manual, to turn up the "wifi range" setting to "long". There are three settings: short, medium and long. neither of the two devices that I've had in the past 5 days has this setting in any of the manager screens, the touch screen or the ipad app.  I theorize that my device must be set permanently to "short" range. Tech support says the option should be there and Netgear won't help me without Sprint calling them for me. We are doing that on Monday but I thought spend the weekend trying to find some info myself.

anyone have this screen on their device? How do I get it back? AND are any of you experiencing this horribly short wifi range like I am?  I'm using it in my house and can't even walk to the next room without losing signal completely.

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Re: Netgear 771S Zing Mobile hotspot wifi range adjustment is missing


I can understand how frustrating this must be. What is the software version currently installed on the device? To check this please follow the following steps: If it is anything other than " NTG9X15C_45.04.12.05 " (released 2/5/2014) you may want to perform a factory reset and then perform a software update. I can provide those steps to you if you need them and do not want to wait until tomorrow to three-way call Netgear.

Jon H.
Sprint Social Care Team
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