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Numerous typos and poor typesetting in GPS EULA


Numerous typos and poor typesetting in GPS EULA

While reading the GPS Consent EULA, which your legal team should have   reviewed and approved, I found a number of typos and misnumber of   bullet points.  I will detail them here and attach screenshots of them.

Yyour_typos.png   - Multiple uses of the word "You" or "Your" appear to have been   replaced with "Yyou" or "Yyour".  As well, there is a "youYou" near the   bottom of the EULA box in the screen capture.

89_to_910_bullet_numbering.png   - There is a series of mis-numbered bullet points in the document.    This is the first of of the series.  The number in this case starts with   number 89 and the next bullet point is number 910.

910_to_1011_bullet_numbering.png - This numbering goes from the preivous 910 to 1011.

1011_to_1112_to_1212_bullet_numbering.png - This image shows three numbering mistakes, going from 1011, to 1112, to 1213.

There   is also a typo in the steps list on the left side of the installation   wizard. "CheckVersion" is missing a space between "Check" and  "Version".

I just learned that I can only attach one doc,  so instead of wasting more of my time on your bug-laden software, I  quickly gimp'd the four shots together and will post them here.

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