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Overdrive Battery Dead and Powering On


Overdrive Battery Dead and Powering On

I left my Overdrive on overnight and the battery went totally dead.  I plugged it into the USB on my computer.  It started to charge but it would not turn on until it got to and 8%-10% battery charge.  Is this normal?  What do I do if it is dead and I need to use it right away?  Am I just out of luck?  It says that it can run and charge via USB at the same time.  I've seen this work but is it different with the battery is totally dead?


I too left my Overdrive Mobile Hotspot on overnight and completely drained both the internal battery and removable battery.  Because of this the unit would not charge at all.  I tried to recharge it using the USB cord connected to different USB ports, the Sierra Wireless AC adapter and also another USB AC adapter (including all different combinations of taking the battery out and putting it back in) but got nothing but a black screen and no lights.

I called Sierra Wireless for support and they sent me a new battery.  I popped in the new battery and it immediately started charging using the AC adapter.  After charging the new battery to 100% I put the first battery back in and it also successfully charged to 100%.  Hmmm, both weird and cool.  I try to keep both batteries charged and ready both for extended mobile use and to avoid a repeat of my initial problem.

Here are some things I have observed:

1.  The Overdrive will not always automatically power off in wired (USB) mode when you shut down your computer.

2.  The Overdrive will usually automatically power off at critical low battery in wireless (not tethered to a USB port) mode.

3.  The Overdrive will not always automatically power off at critical low battery in wired (USB) mode.

4.  The Overdrive might not be able to be recharged if left on in wired (USB) mode and allowed to be completely drained.

5.  The Overdrive will not turn on until charged to at least 10% or so.

6.  The Overdrive will not always charge when turned on in wired (USB) mode.

I know some of these are normal limitations (e.g. 500 mA max draw from USB 2.0) but it is good to be aware of them.

When at top performance, I am getting about the same data rates on the 3G network with my Overdrive in wired (USB) mode as I did with my previous SW AirCard.  I also don't notice a change in data rates on the PC when two additional laptops attach via wireless to the hotspot, but the laptops get less than broadband data rates.

Every once and a while the connection will slow to a crawl and I'll have to power down the Overdrive and reconnect.

The unit also gets pretty hot!  I make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as I worry about the thing frying and am thinking about attaching a old heat sink to it.

If you've had some of the same issues, I hope this helps.


You are right. You found a dead battery and could not start the Overdrive up intil it charge a certain amount that seems forever. I found that if you remove the battery and plug it into the a/c charger/USB cable  you can power it up immediately. Later, when time allows, put the battery in and charge it. It does not work with the cable alone into a USB port. Good Luck!


USB ports on a computer only provide 500maH of charge. The AC charger however provides 1,200maH of charge. The Overdrive, given circumstances can pull up to 600maH at a time, although thats doing things like being in a very low signal environment, signal fading often and 5 devices connected at once trying to do things like access the microSD slot. This is also why you can use a Y usb cable on the Overdrive, so it can get 1,000maH if needed from the USB ports.

Charging from USB is much slower than charging from the wall.

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