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Overdrive / Overdrive Pro Mod - Cooling Case


Overdrive / Overdrive Pro Mod - Cooling Case

This won't help the 1,000 other problems that these devices have, but it does keep the battery and internal components cool enough to charge and operate for extended periods of time. I had all of these parts laying around so this was a pretty cheap build. If you were to buy the parts it would probably cost about $20. The OEM packaging could easily be used to make something similar, which is what I had originally intended to use. I settled on this Fossil Watch Tin because everything just fit together so nicely - no zip ties or super glue!

- Fossil Watch Tin ($5 at Fossil Store)

- P4 Heat Sink and Fan ($5 at Computer Store)

- Power Source ($10 at Computer Store)

2011-05-14 13.47.42.jpg

The heat sink, fan, and overdrive all fit perfectly snug into the fossil tin. I used a dremmel to cut air vents on two sides and the bottom, then cut out the top so I could access the power button and see the display. I removed both of the back panels of the Overdrive to expose the battery, this also makes it easier to access the reset button. The Overdrive unit with it's (modified) gel case fits snuggly into the lid of the tin, and the back of the unit sits ontop of the heat sink. Nothing here is permenantly attached and it's completely mobile. The power source came from an IDE/SATA to USB converter that produces 5 vdc (for the overdrive) and 12 vdc (for the fan). I spliced one micro usb connector for the Overdrive and one male usb connector for the Fan to the output power supply. I spliced a female USB connector to the fan's power leads and mounted it to the side of the tin. The whole thing got a coat of high gloss black paint to match the Overdrive's finish. It works very well and looks pretty darn cool.

I'd don't have any way to measure the operating temperature, but it deffinetely runs cooler. I've noticed a maximum 2db loss in 4G signal and a 10% loss in Wifi signal, neither of which are enough to raise concern.

2011-05-14 13.47.21.jpg

2011-05-10 15.07.58.jpg

....before the paint...everything fits together so nicely!

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